Hand pollinating pear

I have a. Neighbor in town who has asked to come gather some blossoms from our pears to attempt hand pollinating hers. She has only one variety and it has been much too cool for most polinators.
I went out and looked and to be honest was having a hard time judging which blooms had ripe pollen.
None were “dusty”…we have had a fair bit of rain lately. Some were just opening with large pink/white anthers ends. Some were much older with collapsed black anthers but still good flowers. Some in between.
So what’s the ideal window for her?
She intends to just gather blooms and then rub them around on hers

When I did mine, I chose the blooms with pink or yellow stamens.

I picked several blooms from a friend’s tree and rubbed them onto several blooms on my tree. It worked.


Those look perfect to use