Happy 5th Anniversary


This forum was founded by @scottfsmith on Feb 10, 2015. He created a forum for fruit growers to discuss, share, help, commiserate, console with one another regarding our fruit growing experiences and more.

Thank you, Scott and all the members for your contribution to help this forum thrive.


FIVE YEARS!?!?!? Already? Wow, it seems like yesterday, and yet, it seems like it has always been this way!

Thanks, Scott, and all who participate and contribute.


Happy Anniversary :+1: I have been here only a month but it has been a great month!


Yes, time flies when we have fun :grin:


Yes, thanks Scott.:slightly_smiling_face:


Scotts da man! Happy 5th!


Happy cheering noises!


Thanks Scott! Will never forget all that I learned from you and this forum! I’ve been in since the beginning and don’t miss a day even though I have moved to France. I plan on implementing all of my knowledge that was really learned by doing! You and the forum help us be good growers! Its been wonderful!!!


Thanks, Scott!
You built we came. A dream field.


Yeah, Scott…this is a great forum!


Hope someone can post firework celebrations here. I am low tech !!!


Indeed! I would have guessed maybe three years max.

Thanks to all the members who really make this forum what it is. It is exciting to watch “newbies” slowly evolve into experienced growers with wisdom to share.


thats why we’re here. to share what we learned here. :wink:


Thanks Scott! I spent a lot of time looking for honest, first hand information before I found this site. There’s no reason to keep looking any longer. This IS the ticket!


Thanks scott! Have only been here a few months but learning a lot from you guys every day!


:tada::balloon:Thanks Scott!!! :balloon::tada: You are so generous with your time and knowledge! Big thank you to everyone here that contributes!!!

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Thanks Scott, betcha you’re glad to be off that Houzz site, yes? I really enjoy the format of this one, easy to use and versatile.

I’m not a day one guy, but have been here almost four years. Almost every day I’m on here reading, and sometimes posting. I’ve learned a lot on here, and have enjoyed the folks on here as well.


This has been a very good forum for sharing thoughts and insights about what we all love some much growing. Thanks for creating this Scott.


Five years of learning and of teaching;

of receiving and as importantly of giving;

of lessening the pain by sharing it;

by changing pleasure to exhiliration by sharing it too.

But most importantly… the growing… and not only of the trees.

Thank you Scott


Beautifully said, Mike. Thanks.