Happy Fence

After 7 years I finally replaced the fence. I would have done it 2 years ago at the beginning of the pandemic but well uhm … I had originally priced out a DIY project through a direct fence. I invited my next door neighbor to join me to replace the shared potion, he kindly declined. Wait and see etc…


Anyway 2 years later he has had 3 - 4 installers pass through and not even give him return quotes. Even knowing they could get a 2 for one deal out of it. I don’t know what that was about but the last installer as ironically direct fence. I opted not to DIY and I think it was worth it.

Bye bye deer droppings in the back yard.

I wasn’t too keen on extending the privacy fence to the front, but I wasn’t going to make waves. The extension is going to ruin the little sun access I have for my Meader/Nanking/apricot/ Honeyberry hedgerow.


Can you hang them on the fence somehow?

The fence looks very nice.


Consider painting the wall on that narrow walkway white. You would get a good amount of reflected light into those plants.


Very nice. Ilove the gate

Cherries and apricots are not going to do well in hanging pots but I am going to put some thought into what would.


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Does look nice.

May not be nice if a tree or branch lands across it though.

Neighbor’s and fences are an issue. For me I replaced 2 of the 3 sides on my backyard. I offered to go halves with the other neighbors but they declined. They ended up replacing it in kind themselves later as it was standing when my lot was built.

I designed and built my own as well as the back of my other neighbor’s lot.

I was inspired in my travels by horizontal boarded fences, not as popular in the US. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in residential areas down here.

I also liked seeing corrugated metal so I combined them. The labor alone for contracting a fence is more than I spent on materials for mine.

Here is a shot before it’s finished. This is the combined back fence for my yard and my neighbor’s. 150 feet. The two section fence separated shown is the property line between us that was completed later.

A bit of a hijack of the thread…

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