Happy Fence

After 7 years I finally replaced the fence. I would have done it 2 years ago at the beginning of the pandemic but well uhm … I had originally priced out a DIY project through a direct fence. I invited my next door neighbor to join me to replace the shared potion, he kindly declined. Wait and see etc…


Anyway 2 years later he has had 3 - 4 installers pass through and not even give him return quotes. Even knowing they could get a 2 for one deal out of it. I don’t know what that was about but the last installer as ironically direct fence. I opted not to DIY and I think it was worth it.

Bye bye deer droppings in the back yard.

I wasn’t too keen on extending the privacy fence to the front, but I wasn’t going to make waves. The extension is going to ruin the little sun access I have for my Meader/Nanking/apricot/ Honeyberry hedgerow.


Can you hang them on the fence somehow?

The fence looks very nice.


Consider painting the wall on that narrow walkway white. You would get a good amount of reflected light into those plants.


Very nice. Ilove the gate

Cherries and apricots are not going to do well in hanging pots but I am going to put some thought into what would.


Does look nice.

May not be nice if a tree or branch lands across it though.