Happy Spring, Northeasterners!

Sigh of relief here- it looks like much of the threat of extreme frost has passed with last nights lows much higher than predicted- at least in my region. The long term forecast right now is for normal temps with only occasional light frosts that should do no damage.

Today my tomato and pepper plants leave my crowded bedroom and go to the unheated green house where they will grow to almost bearing age plants before being put in real soil. I moved some greens there a week ago.

Hopefully the severe cold we went through only dealt a fatal blow to J. plums and apricots- I’m even holding out hope on getting some J’s from buds not quite open yet. The peaches and nects were ruined before spring anyway.


Really. what a relief! I got down to 27F last night which isn’t great but was better than the 24/25 of some forecasts.

20 here. First really hard frost we’ve had so far. Didn’t have much in bloomthough but will be did have some stuff at bud break.

We are looking at lows in the mid 30s for the next week. Hopefully it will start to warm up and stay warm. Nothing is leafing out yet but the buds look like they could pop any day now.

Slight chance of a light frost Sunday night so I’ll wait till Monday to move peppers and tomatoes to the green house. Last week a small potted fig saw 28 degrees. All the leaves remained perfect except a 1/2 inch still folded tip leaf. It was crisp. Fortunately peppers and tomatoes were inside sitting comfortable on the pool table.

Just transplanted my tomatoes to the bigger pots, hopefully it warms up enough that I’m not kicking myself for early seed starting.

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I got down to 25 F for a short time in early morning and stayed at 26-27 F until the sun started to rise.

For the 10 day forecast, we won’t get below freezing. Our last frost here is usually some time in May but it’s not that bad by then.

21.7F last night for me, which is low, but not as bad as the 16.5 I got a few days ago. Looks like clear sailing from here out. Today, I’ll be planting the trees I got on Friday. Maybe starting my potatoes soon too.