Hardiest quince

Has anyone grown a quince successfully in zone 4? I see some are rated for it in some some nursery sites, but others say zone 5.

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I think with all the polar vortexes in zone 5 we had I think they would be fine in zone 4 A quick look, and Chicago had a -38 record as far as surviving they could in zone 4.

When does your climate warm up though when do you get last frost in spring.

I would protect young tree’s

Not sure what tree’s bare early or flower later so do not ask me,
but maybe a important question for others to answer.

I know Okio’s in Michigan (zone 6 ) grows out quinces by seed to adapt to their climate instead of grafting (they graft as well) maybe look into that .

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Note Quince is Cydonia a sole member of that genus there is also pseudo quince Pseudocydonia sinensis Chinese quince
(edit and another) also known as flowering quince as a ornamental Chaenomeles lagenaria that lemon Quince listed is it.

(I edited b/c I got the pseudo quince mixed up with flowering quince
but know there are 3 different genera all in bold lettering
just forgot what common name goes with what.)

In Lisle IL. we have a actual quince 15 feet tall (genus cydonia) that tastes like lemon when made into lemonade with sugar cannot tell the difference , but not against pseudo quince , and would grow it .
as a matter of fact my neighbor had one a foot tall a oddity seeing that when young a tiny tree with 3 or 4 fruits on it.