Hardiness of ‘Arp’ rosemary vs species

What size pot do you keep it in? I got some started from seed this spring and its growing nicely but i’d rather just overwinter it inside if it isn’t too difficult.

That is about a 2-3 gallon size. I keep the plant in a south window in the winter. Seems all it needs. I did cut off weak growth once I brought it out. About a week ago. I rotate the plant during the winter when i think of it. I mean turn it once in awhile. I also keep Mexican Organo and African Blue Basil all winter too. Basil does not like temps below 50F so it’s shuffled in and out right now. kept inside on colder days. If the basil is exposed to temps below 40 it can just die. I know I did it. Here is the basil, inside today.
It’s in rough shape but will improve once outside. Blue basil is a hybrid and the leaves are small. I like it as it gives me fresh basil all winter. I have a couple regular basils started now too. African Blue will never die, it just flowers all season. Flowers are sterile.

I like Tex Mex dishes and grow my own Mexican Oregano. It’s outside today. To the right is a mandarin from seed of store bought fruit.

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@Drew51 , I was wondering how you started your Mexican oregano. Did you buy seed or a plant? This is Lippia graveolens, correct?
I look for it everywhere here in the spring and nobody carries it.

Yes, but their is more than one Mexican Oregano. I grow Lippia graveolens
Mexican Bush Oregano is Poliomintha longiflora. Also used in certain areas of Mexico as an oregano.

I bought plants from Companion Plants nursery. They are out of Mexican Oregano at the moment. They have bush., I may try it sometime.
I bought my Arp rosemary from them too.

Here is the multitude of oregano cultivars they carry…

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Thanks @Drew51 ! I wonder why it is so popular in TexMex recipes, but so difficult to find locally. The plant nurseries and the seed companies I usually buy from don’t carry it. When I read about it, it says it grows all over along Texas and New Mexico and south of the border and has naturalized in the southwest.

I will check with Companion Plants, thanks so much for that link!

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I’m not sure? It has a very strong flavor so I use very little. I want to try the bush but heard it’s harder to grow. My Lippia graveolens is easy to grow. My plant is five years old. I need to root prune it. I don’t want it any bigger,m it provides plenty for my uses.

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@Drew51, Does it have enough time in your northern climate for seed to mature? I am wondering if I could just grow it as an annual and plant from seed every year. Rather than bring it in and over-winter it. I am not too good at caring for my indoor plants. I tend to forget about them for long stretches of time! :thinking:

The plant flowers constantly. I never checked for seed. I will though.


I always lost rosemary overwintered indoors. Generally it makes it until just about New Years, but quickly dies thereafrer. I had a 3 inch potted one that I had placed into a 2 gal pot containing a passionflower to carry it in. It wasn’t planted, just in its nursery 3 inch pot on top of the soil pretty overgrown by the passionflower (citrina). It was watered 2-3 times when I watered the passiflora.
It never lost a leaf.

The peaty-soil the nursery uses was pretty much like a sponge, soft and springy. I’m not sure if that was the key, it may have been protective against the dreaded root rot that usually kills these for me.