Hardiness Zone for these stone fruit

Is there a site that gives the hardiness zone for various cultivars.

Can’t find the zone for
TangOs I
TangOs II
Victoria Peach

For stone fruit generally finding zone it is hit and miss. Ripening is easy to find but zones not so much.

I have different listings for Flavorich Pluout & Orangered Apricot. Any help out there ???

As an example ACN Nursery will list ripening for all they sell but no zone. Dave Wilson only have has the zone listed for a few but lists ripening for all. Actually, ripening time is less useful than zone information because ripening varies from zone to zone within a cultivar’s range but the zone is particularly important.

I think it is more important to know if it will grow in my zone before worrying when it will ripen. Nes pa? (just practicing for when I go visit MrsG.:slightly_smiling:



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ACN lists winter hardiness ratings in their catalog. Rated 1-9, 9 best. Those three peaches all rate an 8, pretty good, not best. No ratings for pluot and apricot that I can see.


if they know enough to “rate” it they should know enough to zone it.

For example , I am still left wondering if a #8 is hardy in my zone 5b.

But the interesting thing is that for apples and pears almost every description gives the zone as well as ripening. But, for stone peaches and nects it is always + - days from Redhaven. but not if they can survive to bear.