Hardiness Zone

Many questions, answers and recommendations here but something is often lacking. All this great information would be more useful if everyone provided location and hardiness zones in their profiles.

Yes, it would be very helpful, but even more helpful is your geographical location. I have my location and zones in my “Name” field under Preference, so you can see where I’m located and what my zones are. Just being in zone “8a” or “7b” isn’t always that helpful, as it could be many different geographical locations, that make someone’s advice perhaps applicable or not. Plus, for us west coast gardeners, USDA zones are rather useless. We go by Sunset zones which are far more definitive for us out here in the West, with our many microclimates

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I was thinking the same. Maybe it’s something Scott could add behind our screen name.

Al, if you add it to your Name field like I did, and it will show up right behind your name. One of our forum members pointed that out early on, and it works well. If you left click once on my icon, you’ll see how it displays.

I am going to take a look at this over the summer when I have a bit of free time (I teach so summers are more free).

Meanwhile you can put zone/location in your name or in your profile description. Also, if you want to see someones zone that they entered when they made their account if they do not have their zone and location in the popup, click on their icon and then in the popup click on their icon again. I can see you are in Zone 7A when I do that for example.