Hardwood Fig Cuttings: Leafs at 10 Days

I’ve been propagating figs for a couple years but Ive never had them leaf out so early. Soil temp at 72. Parafilm wrapped. Do you think these figs are waking up too early and wont form roots?

Fig variety is called Egyptian. Very vigorous. Zone 6a.


Looks like a nice set up and they are happy.


You’re tempting me to try propagating figs!


Theyre very easy to grow

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It’s possible that they will leaf out and use up all their energy. One way to inhibit this is keep them in the dark until roots have formed. Most will probably make it, but you may lose a few to energy exhaustion.
Best of luck!

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Can you describe your process very briefly? Do you use rootone? They look so good!!

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I just wrap the tops in parafilm and stick them in compost/peat/perlite. I only used rooting hormone on 30% of them to experiment. They dont need it though. I put them upstairs away from a window to root because its nice and warm. I know that figs like darkness to root but ive always had success this way. I think a darker, cooler area might work too but like I said ive done it this way 2 years and it worked fine. I spray neem oil for mold.

Im just suprised im getting leafs after 10 days. Hopefully most of them are putting out roots.


May I give advice . . . you got three buds on those. Knock off the one growing.

Play the waiting game with bud number two that pops and see how vigorous it goes in accordance to 3-4 weeks. If it grows a second node where leaves will grow from, cut off directly above that 1/4" or 3/16ths. That’ll slow it down. Keep doing that with bud #2 and then bud #3 if it starts doing the same. Wait till you feel it’s rooted before you allow those buds to make more than (2 nodes at a time) at which point you’ll pinch again.

Very nice looking system. Very simple. That makes it almost fool-proof.



Another thing you could try would be to provide more humidity to the ones that leaf out early by putting a cup or something over them. You will need to figure out a way to slowly adjust them to ambient humidity later on.

Made me go look at mine. No green buds. Went to pull one of the St. Rita’s out to check the roots, but the thing wasn’t budging. Good sign!

That fig of yours is acting like a few of my mulberries. A week in and it’s breaking buds. I’m positive there’s no roots.


Thanks for the information!

OKPermaculture, Think u use to mutch light. because of this the bud break when tere are no roots!