Hardy kiwi--how to tell when it is ripe?

I have fruit on my arguta vine for the first time this year. How will I know when they are ripe? Do I wait for them to soften? If I pick early will they ripen off the vine?

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No one?

Wait until the first few soften, then pick the remaining and the rest. They can be picked once the seeds are inside are black, but still hard. Then put into refrigeration, and taken out periodically and checked for softening/ripeness, or just left on the counter in small quantities where they will soften much more quickly. Enjoy your harvest! Mine will be ready to pick in a couple weeks.


I’ve been waiting for fruit for several years now, excited to finally taste them.

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I think they will be better if they start to soften, but you also risk having something swipe them. In past year’s I’ve tried picking a few from August on and waiting for them to ripen. The early ones are horrid, but I think we’re getting into the time when they start to get good.

Edit: from what I recall, early to mid October is when they get really good. At least Issai and Geneva.

So I just picked one each of most of the types today. I missed a few vines (FortyNiner and Geneva), as I didn’t want to wade into things to get at them…

I’ll let these (Rossana, Issai, Cordifolia, Jumbo, and Chico, clockwise from left) sit for a few days and then give them a try.

My vines are carrying a lot this year, most for the first time. I’m crossing my fingers that nothing gets into them (deer, fruit fly, raccoons, etc).

Jumbo (heavy load):

Rossana (heavy load):

Chico (moderate-light load):

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