Hardy Passiflora (maypop). Too good to be true?

I was able to grow these in southern Ontario. They overwintered the 2022-2023 winter in Oakville (zone 6), but they were too late to send new shoots in the spring (late June), so they flowered a lot in 2022, but not in 2023. That’s the in-ground plant…

I also took cuttings in fall 2022, and used them to grow a couple clones in containers. Cuttings flowered earlier in 2023 (mid July) than the in-ground plant did in 2022 (early August), and was able to begin setting fruit in mid-late August 2023. I believe they are not self-fertile, so they were most likely fertilized by my passiflora caerulea. I had to take the plants indoors in November to protect them from frost, and for the fruits to finish ripening, which they did, and produced viable seeds (some of which have already sprouted).

For the winter 2023-2024, I brought them inside. One plant died, maybe I brought it inside too late, or didn’t provide it enough light in the basement (just had a grow light). But the plant I kept in a south facing window is still alive, and began sprouting new shoots from the ground, one of which has been flowering for the past couple weeks. It seems to take about 2 months from new shoot to flowers, and 2-3 months from flowers to fruit, with maybe an extra month needed because the first flowers might not set fruit? That means you want 5-6 months of summer weather, when southern Ontario/Quebec has closer to 4-4.5. Hence why you should have them in containers (or a greenhouse) to either give them a head start in the spring, or to extend the season in the fall.

I’m also trying out edulis (purple passionfruit), ligularis (sweet granadilla) and tripartita (banana passionfruit) in containers. They’re a little over a year old now, so hopefully 2024 will be the season that they first flower (and hopefully even fruit)?

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I think cuttings produce fruit sooner than plants from seeds by the way - just something to keep in mind. My passiflora caerulea grown from seed only gave 3 flowers from 3 plants on its first year, whereas my passiflora caerulea grown from cuttings gave me about 100 flowers per plant on their first year.

P. incarnata grows well here in central NC. I love the idea of maypops but the ones I’ve tried around here haven’t had amazing flavor.

Does anyone have recommendations for varieties that leave you actually wanting more?

Passiflora Capsularis flowers for me from seen in one season. Mine is in a pot and I bring it inside each winter.

Flowers are small, white and smell sweet. The fruit isn’t considered edible and the fruits explode when ripe (which means I get seedlings in surrounding pots frequently).

Do you mean other Passiflora species or selections of P. incarnata?

Not aware of any widely available incarnata selections known for fruit quality.
My maypops taste really nice to me, but maybe it’s just my taste buds.