Hardy Red Nectarine

It’s been a experience with these fruit trees.
Hardy Red timeline
Mid Feb


May: two fruit almost ripe! grown in Canada


Do any of your plants get spider mites in the greenhouse?

Very impressive result. The fruit look so delicious

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Looks awesome, makes me want to get a greenhouse up and going asap! Are your trèes planted in the ground or in pots in greenhouse? What else have you had success with?

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Thanks you guys!!

@Bradybb This was the first winter bringing then in and no spider mites or any pest that I could tell.

@Carlin These ones are still in pots, which will probably go in the ground outside this year. I’ve grown citrus, bananas and figs, other tropical trees I’ve grown but nit fruited yet… avocado, guava and others.


Probably a useless piece of information for you, but the correct name is Hardired nectarine.

Congrats on some great looking fruit. I grew this nect for some years. It always set loads of fruit.


I was thinking of doing this again with the nectarine, apricot and peach. Maybe Bring them into the Greenhouse ( I need to make room) by end of Dec - early Jan? I was doing some reading, says they need something like 700 chill hours.