Hardy table grape cold storage

I’m looking for info on how well various hardy table grapes keep in the fridge. I gather that Swenson Red and Reliance store well that way.

I’ve seen conflicting info on St. Theresa (Montreal Blue(s)) and Trollhaugen.

Can’t find anything about cold storage potential for Brianna or Somerset.

Those are the ones I’ve been looking at most, want something that will bear winter without laying down in what seems to be zone 4 (almost 6000 feet in a cold pocket in north-central UT). The soil is also alkaline here, so that’s been a consideration as well. Earliblue and Vanessa are also supposed to store well, and I may look at them.

So, anyone know of additional cold storage info about those varieties or others I should consider? Thanks!

I have always been intrigued by the description of “Yates” at bunch grapes: Grapevine Cutting Sales by Lon Rombough | bunchgrapes.com | Yates Grapes I have no personal experience with the grape. Rated to around -15 F may not be hardy enough for you however.

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Thanks. Looks like Yates ripens a weeks after Concord, which is marginal here in part because it ripens late. I’d actually love to grow Concord if it were a little more hardy and early.

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Growing most of what you talked about in 4b Canada (USDA 3b). See my writups.

Not all has fruited.

Vanessa hardier than reliance. Both marginal here with tons dieback so have pulled out both. Think I have trollhaugen from a mislabeled grape. It’s ok.

Somerset is awesome. Holds 3 was on vine fine. Have forgotten for 3-4 weeks in fridge and was still good if starting to think of going raison like a bit.

Brianna and Swenson red not fruited yet.

Check out Bluebell for a good hardy grape but does not keep long.

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Thanks, hungry. Good to know about Somerset in your fridge. I plan to eat these fresh at least for a couple years, so storage is a main thing.

I’ve heard good things about Vanessa, which is said to store well too. I should have mentioned it above. Probably both it and Reliance are hardy enough for here.

Bluebell has a reputation for chlorosis in alkaline soil, but I’m not sure how much of a problem that really is.

As it happens, after reading your reply, which helped me settle on Somerset, while sourcing vines online I came across Somerset and Reliance at Walmart, of all places, for $5 and $10 respectively, 2-year plants, so I made the drive over and got those. (Reliance comes in a 2-pack with Niagara, which I’ll try to give away.) Anyone looking for a cheap way to get those should consider checking there soon before they sell out. They also have Himrod, which I like a lot, and Concord, which as I mentioned I love, but they’re both marginal here.

Both vanessa and reliance are VERY vigorous. You MUST to good shoot pruning to maintain airflow as I have very bad mildew one year I did not. I would lean to cane pruning for them. Reliance is less hardy than Vanessa. Vanessa was too marginal here in 4b Canada (USDA 3b?). Reliance has nicer, rounder, bigger fruit. Vanessa is a bit more stringy with oblong fruit. Think I liked Reliance flavor a bit more but even it is more mild than Sommerset though the flavor profile was very similar. Only problem with Sommerset is the bunches are quite small and the grapes are quite small. But DELICIOUS!