Hark Pecan Scions

Hi folks,

I’ve been getting messages and requests on threads. I’ve lost track of what people I’m sending to whether scions or grafts.

Please help me here.

P.s. I have a HUGE amount of wood to collect for a friend and myself. Please limit to what you will need. And in your reply, please give me an exact amount and what size sticks.

I sent you a message. Thanks Dax!

Thanks for messaging. That’s what I was hoping folks would do after they replied here. I won’t be at my computer very much this weekend and . . . .

I’ll be in contact with everyone tomorrow evening or Monday evening. I’ve got a guest coming and I have to go look at a vehicle & I have/need to cut scions, tomorrow.



I have Jerry & Dana so far for scions & Mark I’m sending a graft to.

Waiting to hear quantity and size for Jerry & Dana.


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Hi Dax
I have already answered and you answered me. Thanks for the prompt reply. Just a little note on a different track.
Next time you transplant a pecan,don"t just fill in the hole and forget it. Take a good sharp spade and cut the remaining roots in a concentric pattern. You can make your hole enlargement ten or so inches bigger than the hole left by the removal. A well sharpened square ended spade works well. You should harvest a dozen roots 1/2 inch or more diameter. Mark the distal (small end furthest from the center) with slanted cut
I put mine in a deep pot over bottom heat,. It will take a while but they should sprout after a bit.
I hope I have not confused too many ,I am not a good writer, about like my grafting

Jerry meant to send his last post as a message I learned.

Everything is well and good and I will be shipping scionwood today.


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The hark scions arrived today in excellent condition. I could not wait for warm weather, so put a cleft graft on a piece of pecan root in the3 greenhouse

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You’re most welcome, Jerry.

I’ll be bench grafting 300 deciduous in 3-4 weeks. I have 200 pecan seedlings; 50 of pawpaw and 50 of persimmon. Gary and I usually fool around grafting together. He brings over his grafting tool and I use mine. Sometimes it gets real wild and we take out our knives :grinning:

Have a great day, tomorrow. Real glad you’re happy.



Do you have any scions available this year? possibly mahan and a good mahan pollinator?

We don’t grow ‘Mahan’ here. I’m not even familiar with it.

I sent Scott an order form for Kansas State University’s pecan program offering scionwood. He posted it to the Resources page:
Order Form

At .50cents a scion, you can’t beat that. No minimum just a maximum of 50 scions + really cheap shipping. Hope this helps! Call ahead before you send an order in is my opinion.