Harrison and Campfield cider still being made?


Nice to see another upstater Eric!


My trees are still too young to fruit, bug my Harrisons are growing about as well as anything else in the orchard. (Z4b-5a)

Time will tell the full story.


This central NYer offers another welcome. We only make fresh cider, so we don’t grow cider-only apples. Curious about the topic, I’ve checked the apple varieties used by five of our favorite local cideries here in the Finger Lakes, and don’t see either Harrison nor Campfield among any of their listed varieties.


It will be interesting to see if Harrison can crop here considering it’s noted to be an October apple. I am interested in grafting some of the potential Poveshon that was discovered in Western NY. My Campfield hasn’t been at all vigorous and in fact I’m down to one tree, so I’ll have to try grafting more. Last but not least I need to get some Grannywinkle scion to graft and then I’ll have the 4 Newark varieties to experiment with.


Thank you both! I’ve been on here since 2015, came from GardenWeb with Scott and Alan, but had a bit of a hiatus for a few years. I used to run a blog with my experiences for a couple of years with apple reviews as well.
I dont own an orchard, I have only enough space for 6 trees, so I try to make them count!
Harrison sounds good to me and with Tom Burford passing away in the spring, its all the more reason to keep Harrison spreading. Its quite tasty, I had a sample at Monticello in 2017, reminds me heavily of Golden Russet of Western New York, but more spicy. A lot of body. GR is great in cool autumns, one of my favorites, but Harrison really stopped me in my tracks when trying, even just a small slice. Seems like a versatile apple, I’d like to get it in some baked goods sometime, match it up with Belle de Boskoop in a strudel and tone down the sugar added. Fun to think of the possibilities!

If you guys ever want wood from what I have, let me know, I’ll swap for Harrison if you have a couple sticks!

Kidd’s Orange Red
Orleans Reinette
Reine des Reinettes
Belle de Boskoop
Pomme Grise


I am in Zone 4b officially, Helena, MT, and perhaps Zone 3 in reality, and grafted some Harrison scions onto B-118 and Antonovka this year. I’ve heard it is slow to bear, and late season harvest, but wanted to try growing it for it’s cider making qualities…with the understanding it may not ripen every year here…but with the hope it may ripen every other year perhaps. I am thinking I would have 15 or 20 trees, a few years from now, with some of these unreliable and questionable varieties, like Harrison, on a small number (3 or 4) of multi-graft frankentrees. If they provide a crop, great, if not, no big loss.

Anyway, Harrison is among the most vigorous of my starts on both rootstocks.