Harrow hw623 & hw624 Happi & Dew drop pears a follow up

We know the old harrow breeding program from many release such as harrow sweet and harrow delight. We also know there were new pears released in recent years from new owners of the old harrow pear experiments

Come on, get Happi | Good Fruit Grower .

Old threads like this hint at what is to come

There is some marketing being done on happi https://happipear.com/style-guide/

Here is the archive Happi Pear Archives - Stemilt Core

The big question everyone wants to know is can we get them yet? I’m patiently waiting in the USA which i think is only a matter of time. Happi is in Washington and being grown commercially and dew drop is in Canada released to the public. It is a matter of time until we see them both everywhere.