Harry Master's Jersey: late to break dormancy?

Does anyone know if Harry Master’s Jersey is supposed to be very slow in breaking dormancy?

Right now mine seems to still be dormant. Orange Pippin puts it in flowering group 4, and trees I have in that group or later are at 1/2" green. Even my Dabinett in group 6 is showing green now.

The scion is still green, but I haven’t been down in the dirt to check the rootstock. There is no visible girdling or frass etc to think mechanical pest damage.

Some cider apples are super late. It also makes them much more susceptible to fireblight. I don’t recall on HMJ because it was so long ago that I grew it, but am not surprised at all. The French cider apples in particular are nearly all very late.

I’m finally seeing some green on it. It will be curious to see how it does relative to everything else when it is more than a feathered whip.