Hartmann's plant sizes?

I’m thinking of ordering some Gooseberries. It looks like Hartmann’s has the best prices on the varieties I’m interested in by a lot. Anyone have experience with what size plant they send out compared to Raintree?

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Blueberries from Hartmann’s weren’t a terrible size perhaps could’ve been a bit bigger but nice healthy plants. I would order from them again without hesitation. Even though Raintree has some plums I’d like to try and I enjoy their catalog I don’t foresee ever ordering from them again. Plant quality was ok when I did order from them but getting a straight answer about anything was a challenge.

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I just planted some gooseberries (Jeanne, Amish Red, and Black Velvet) from Whitman Farms in Salem, OR. They were all nice specimens, robust roots and 2-3 stems on each plant. All stems were at least knee high after planting in the ground. I have ordered pear trees that were smaller by comparison. I would not hesitate to order from Whitman Farms again.


I ordered several bushes from Hartmann’s last year. All were nice sized and they even sent an extra free hazelnut.


I just revisited this post after gaining some new insight. I put in a late order from Hartmann’s after having to find a replacement for a Poorman Gooseberry that never came from another nursery (sold out). The size was fair/good (thin and ~1-1.5 foot tall including roots in a root-bound pot), but no comparison to what I got from Whitman Farms. Whitman specimens were all ~3 feet tall after being topped! I am really impressed with the quality of Whitman, in fact, 2 of the 3 varieties I planted this April are already loaded with fruit (Jeanne and Amish Red have Fruit, Black Velvet does not have fruit but has put on a fair amount of vegetative growth). Looking forward to (hopefully) eating some gooseberries this year!

Hartmanns plants I received were small but healthy the couple of times I ordered from them. I like hartmanns a lot.

So I finally ordered some gooseberries last Friday,
arrived today (Friday). Very nice size for the price, 8-12" pushing fresh growth. Plus, they sent an extra of each variety I ordered, Jeanne and Black Velvet.

I’m planting them as cordons, will post more pics when that’s further along.