Has anybody topworked a dwarf peach?

I have a 13-14 year old miniature peach, Honey Babe, a Zaiger product, that produces a few watery, poorly flavored peaches every couple of years. I finally convinced The Wife to let me graft it over to peaches that ought to taste much better. It’s in a location where the 5’-6’ height is ideal.

I’m curious if anybody has topworked a dwarf peach/nectarine to standard varieties. If so, did it retain some or most of the dwarfing characteristics of the topworked variety—my expectation—or were those mostly lost? I have no problem pruning to maintain the height and shape I want, but if the tree will want to shoot 6-8’ of new growth every year, I’m concerned with developing fruit wood.

The Zaiger dwarf peaches are not standard low-vigor peaches, they are normal vigor peaches that have a very short internode distance (distant between leaf buds on a shoot). So if you graft over it you will get a standard size peach tree on top. I grafted on of mine years ago, and that is what I got.


I’d heart your reply, but I’m not ready to yet. Need to pout for a few minutes.