Has anyone actually Tasted an Athos or Porthos U of S cherry?

Reason I ask is I searched the names and the england tree sellers are claiming the taste is comparable to Stella cherries.
Currently have Juliet, Crimson Passion, and this yr planted some D’artanion. If by chance they’re actually comparable to a sweet cherry, we’re in, but honestly, I have my suspision’s. Thus the post. thanks.


I can’t find them in the USA for sale yet. There is some word on it being a sweet cherry from Orange Pippin which would explain the sweet cherry taste. I assume sweet cherry problems only in bush form though. It is supposed to get 2 M which is 6-7 feet. Self fertile. I think there are natural dwarfing sweet cherry trees like sweetheart already but don’t remember how big they get. They still claim growing these are average skill level. To edit it looks like this is the only natural sweet cherry tree/bush but again not sold in the USA yet and likely still plagued by sweet cherry problems.

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There is no doubt it is a tart prunus avium cherry. They are listed as such in the European market. Calling it a sweet cherry comporable to the best i think is a stretch. It is not bing or stella. I think we will continue to see many more of these released

Unreleased University of Saskatchewan prarie cherries we want & what we know about them contrasted with romance series cherries

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No we have had no oppurtunity to taste them or purchase them yet. For those of you who might be in Canada the best option is just to order one of these inexpensive cherries and try it for $25 CAD

"This is one of 7 cherries the University of Saskatchewan has released in 2022 for their 100 anniversary of horticulture. Part of the Musketeer series! Developed by cross breeding Mongolian and sour cherries. Produces heavy crops of dark red cherries with sweet flesh. It is very exciting to be able to offer these brand new cherries to the prairies!

Zone 2

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"This is one of 7 cherries the University of Saskatchewan has released in 2022 for their 100 anniversary of horticulture. Part of the Musketeer series!

These cherries are best grown as a shrub for the prairies, you can however select a trunk and make it a tree but it will be less cold hardy. Self pollinating you only need one plant to get fruit. It is best to let them ripen on the bush for a sweeter berry. Choose a full sun location for best fruit production. They will tolerate part sun. They can tolerate clay soil if it is a well drained site but prefer sandy loam. Add compost in the spring as a mulch and this will suffice for fertilizer.

Zone 2

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The 2022 date does not make sense unless there are 2 Porthos. I see posts going back to 2017 or 2019 on google Garden News

This claims a sweet cherry Prunus &s;Porthos&s; (F) | cherry &s;Porthos&s; Fruit Edible/RHS Gardening

They do not ship trees, so you’d need to be close by their nursery to obtain these. Too bad, as the bush cherries are one of the best Canadian developments in recent years.


You can find them at Shop - Whiffletree Farm & Nursery in fall…



Thank you that will likely help several people!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t squeeze anything else into the shipping box from Whiffletree this spring. :grin:

I didn’t realize they carried a sizable line of sour cherries as well. Their inventory is very extensive indeed.

I’m not sure if Whiffletree will ship cherry trees to BC or not. I have no problem getting plum or pear trees from them, but apples and cherries are more heavily regulated here. We have a very large agricultural industry centered on growing apples and cherries in the Okanagan. Our BC gov’t is very protective about importation of those varieties of fruit trees because of this.

I would highly recommend Whiffletree for bare root trees in Canada. The trees are always well packaged, and they usually have very nice root systems compared to other Canadian nurseries I’ve dealt with. Their prices at Whiffletree are also much better than the average nursery in Canada. I think you will be happy ordering from Whiffletree, as I have always been very satisfied dealing with them.

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You can try with https://www.floramaxx.ca/place-your-order


It is my understanding the 3 musketeers where released in Europe much earlier than they were available in Canada.