Has anyone ordered from Floramaxx?

I am planning to order some honeyberries from Floramaxx but I haven’t seen anyone here post about them. Anyone out there who can vouch for them? The main reason I ask is that they don’t take credit cards and I would need to go through a bank note to place my order since they are a Canadian company. I’m not sure that I want to go through the hassle but their pricing is significantly better for a small order than other options I’ve seen.

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I couldn’t find any prices on their website.

This was in the email they sent when I asked for pricing.

Price per plant per variety under quantity 32 (one full tray) is:

Aurora, Beast, Beauty and Blizzard : CAD$ 5.69 + $0.50 Royalty on each plant. There is 25$ US phytosanitary certificate charge + $5.0 US bank order conversion charge. We don’t accept credit cards or pay pal. Only bank order is accepted in USD.

It seems to me that most other places charge 18+ per plant so as long as you order, say, 4 or more (which I plan to) I think you’ll come out ahead with this route. Plus the only cultivar they didn’t have that seems to be available at other nurseries that I was interested in is Strawberry Sensation. Down the road I’ll likely trade for that if I have room!


honeyberryusa.com has strawberry sensation.

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Thanks Steve! I will probably end up going that route if I don’t find it somewhere else next round.

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