Has anyone start a Coconut tree from a store bought nut?

I bought a Coconut from a store with a little sprout coming out on the top and not sure about how to get it growing to a seedling.



Tony are you sure you know what your signing up for? The palm your contemplating growing gets 80-100 ft tall. They grow in every situation I have seen on sandy tropical beaches so I would plant it in sand. It’s very hot in those places where it grows. I have no real world experience just what I have seen on forums, movies, and in books.

it will continue to grow if provided warmth. Will even survive and grow much bigger in a couple of months without access to water or soil, living off its food stores and water supply
if you don’t see any active growth in a couple of wees, it is liely that that the embryo is already dead. It may have already developed prior to being removed from the tropics, and chilled customarily while in transit, which is usually lethal.
incidentally, if you decide to eat it, you’re in for a delicacy. As coconuts with embryos develop sweet cotyledons inside their shells. If you split the shell open, you’d see that the base of the sprout would be what appears to be a tumor. That ‘tumor’ is delicious, eaten straightaway!

Thanks Clark and Jujus for the growth infos. Exactly that oval cotton candy like inside the coconut that I am after. It was crunchy, sweet and rich. Out of this world tasting. I am glad I had the chance to experience it and want my kids to experience it too. I hope this nut will grow to 2 feet then I will crack it open. See the photo below.



I have never grown coconut without husk like that. On Youtube I saw a New Zealand guy did it the way you do. All I can say is keep it moist and warm.

Where I came from, we grow coconut in well drain soil. When we were in the Northeast this summer. My daughter volunteered teaching English at a local school for a week. The school planted 5 Coconut trees in her honor.

These specialty cococnut is called “fragrant juice, dwarf coconut”. They are grown for their sweet, fragrant juice and young pulp. They grow to about 6-7 ft. To my surprise, the students planted them in practically all sand. I have not checked if they grew.

If I were to grow one variety, That would be my choice.


Don’t let the embryo grows too big. The bigger it is, the more fiberous it becomes and the sweetness is reduced.

Thanks Mamuang, I will update the growing progress in a few weeks.


It is a fun project, isn’t it? My husband used to grow a papaya tree to 4-5 ft tall. I am now growing ginger in pot. I love the fragrance of ginger flowers.

Beautiful picture!

Here is what the coconut embryo looked like. It was delicious!!!


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How many weeks did it take?

Early September till now.


and that’s about the right size.
If bigger, then it gets foamy.
If smaller, then there’s not much to eat, haha.
Smaller ones are so much sweeter and crunchy, btw.

OMG it looks delicious. I want one now!

buy the brown coconuts, not the pale ones, since the brown ones are mature.
if you could find one already with a sprout(at one of the ‘eyes’), and if the sprout is hard and not mushy, then that is the way to start.
only problem with buying one at this time of year is that the possibility of freezing(while in transit) may kill the embryo. The coconut meat and water will still be edible, but the embryo may not develop.

Our supermarkets have them now so its worth a try! thanks so much!

good luck on your tropical endeavor and keep us posted

elvis use to throw away all parts of any watermelon except for the sweetest central core.
had he been introduced to germinating brown coconuts, he’d be eating nothing but, lol!


forgot to tell you Tony, i think you mentioned you were interested in getting the variety of coco jujube. It is somewhat similar to it in taste and texture(if not for the jujube being denser).

the variety sihong, when picked immature, even tastes more like it too.

Thanks Juju.