Has anyone started a ‘what are you ordering for 2020?’ Thread yet?


I’m not as far along in this process of removal as you are but the fine tuning process has started.


I’m actually thinking of removing m7 tree and moving an m111 in its place. Get the m111 out of a corner and more into the the orchard with some consolidation.


I just ordered OrangeRed apricot and Rich May peach from ACN. Their website says they are out of stock, but they told me they had some when I called.
I plan to add Tomcot also, from Raintree.
That’s all I have planned for next year. If my sick pawpaw dies, it will be replaced, but I’m going to give it another year.


120 tomatoes?!?!!
‘Cutting back…?’
Bless him for being a gardener at heart!


Thank u for the descriptions on Blenheim, etc

Do you have bavay in already?


Are they same cultivar or diff ones?


:grinning: woot!
TOA is new to me… super excited to get this tree.


From what he tells me he was so poor growing up in Italy that they were pretty much subsistence farmers. They grew everything they could. Even their own wheat and olives for olive oil.


That’s what local pickup is for :grinning:


That’s been my experience as well, for what it’s worth.


I have two grafts of it but neither is very big.


I ordered Goldprince Peach (to replace one that was mislabeled), Souvenirs Peach, Victoria Peach (to replace one that died), Mayfire Nectarine and Avalon Nectarine. Really curious about Mayfire it is -63 days before Elberta which should put it in the same category as Rich May Peach.


@Reg I have two grimes golden one one m111 one on m7. I really don’t need that much grimes golden. The other is Hudson’s golden gem. This is second year for me of trying them not my favorite. I like grimes better. Will graft Hudson’s onto something else for a limb and with me pulling both m7 out I can move two m111 into there spots. That consolidates the trees more and there not spread out. Both m111 in ground only one year. Also I should be then able to move my ohxf 97 harrow sweet pear in a much better spot where it’s now was hammered in and when it grows it will be almost impossible to get to it in another 5-10 years and gets full size.

With a lot of people modifying and getting rid of trees. Maybe we should start our own thread, It’s almost half of us.


Last year I asked in this forum about peaches in Vancouver, WA, and since everyone said at least I would need to use copper, and we have a ton of dogs and cats in our yard due to neighbors, I decided never to grow any. I would love a sweet peach from my own yard without sprays (owner however puts some kind of white pellets on grass that is to keep weeds down and no pets can be on it 24 hrs which scares me, and my cat likes to eat grass.)


From TOA:
Hooples AG
Meyers Royal LT
Sugarcane jujube

From Cummins:
40 Bud 9 rootstocks

From Hidden Valley:
Korean Giant pear
Turnbull pear
Rosseyanka persimmon

All my orders are already done, so from now until March I can sit back and think, “I should have added this or that to one of those orders.”


@David_DeafGardening, do you have space for a large container that can be moved inside for the winter? ElDorado genetic dwarf peach is delicious. They are smaller but flavor makes up for size. This is from my deck in Vancouver WA. There are challenges - need daily watering, can be top heavy in container - but I’m giving it another try next year. I’ll use a dolly to move it into the garage for winter. Honey Babe and Garden Gold are also delicious, same idea. One Green World also lists one that claims larger fruit size I have not tried that one,


Im planning to buy that, and Lovell rootstock to propagate my peach leaf curl resistant progeny of “Oregon Curl Free”, plus some Aronia, Craetagus, and service berry for a rootstock experiment to make miniature pear trees (different thread), a dwarf or minidwarf Cosmic Crisp and Zestar apples, and mostly, have a professionally installed deer resistant fence installed so I can grow small size fruit trees.


Lol. We are a restless bunch. Always planting, moving, grafting
That would be a cool thread

I get u on consolidating cultivars. I never double up on one. I want as many types as i can fit, versus lots of one.

And SUN. Always have to use as much good sun there is down to the inch. Why i end up moving stuff around


The White stuff sounds like corn gluten meal and would usually be applied 2x in the spring, there is also a chelated iron that once the chelated runs off and into the plants (overdosing young sprouts on iron) it goes away decently fast.

Honey jar jujube
Either massandra (to replace crushed one) or a black sea jujube
A good early peach for zone 5 (thinking reliance but want the best tasting and early and not sure)
Anyone know if any of the new dapple pluots are zone 5 hardy?


Cummins updated their inventory this afternoon. They added a bunch, including one that I’m looking to get (Korean Giant). Now I can get all the pears I’m looking to buy from them. Oh happy day.


@Joe Nice