Has anyone started a ‘what are you ordering for 2020?’ Thread yet?

I looked for one, didn’t find it. Is it a good time to start one?


I’m probably going to be ordering a Victoria Limbertwig, Calville Blanc d’Hiver, and possibly a Duchess of Oldenburg apple trees.


I’ve ordered a hark and lakota pecan tree from Nolin River Nut Tree Nursery. I also orderd a t-92 and Burton hican tree from Perfect Circle Farm.


How long does it take to crop pecans?


Im in for:

Goldrush on B9
Ark Black on M111
Grimes Golden on M7
Albemarle pippin on B9

Splendour on M111

(TOA shipping is $55!!! But as ACN is zero i guess it balances out)


I have calville in mind. Maybe next yr. Its a good cooker?


Planning for just scionwood, I’m out of space!

Golden Russet
Airlie Red Flesh
King David
Sweet Sixteen
Yellow Transparent

I am also going to get myself a witch hazel tree. This tree doesn’t have fruit but many intriguing medicinal uses and a pretty form/color.


I love the smell of witch hazel


I usually order supplies in November, but, since you brought it up…

I think I need to buy my codling moth lures from a different place. They worked two years ago, and I bought what I thought was a fresh batch. This year, I didn’t catch much, but I have extensive damage anyway. Any clues about how to read expiration dates on lures? Google answereth not.


I know there is a thread regarding shipping costs from these nurseries and seed growers. I cringe when I have to pay a lot for shipping. Like the $55 you are paying. That’s roughly more than one or two tree cost at certain places. I like TOA tree selections though.


I see Fedco’s webpage is updated and taking orders for spring 2020. I always order too many sticks of scionwood.


Lasgerdi Mashhad Apricot
H 13-23 Nectarine
Bavay Green Gage


My neighbor is an avid vegetable gardener but adamently anti-spray. When he heard me talking about ordering fruit trees, he went out to a local nursery and bought Macoun and Braeburn. He already has a mature pear tree that appears to be a Kieffer, which he of course doesn’t spray. Even when I said “you know if you don’t spray those apple trees you’ll probably never get any good fruit” he told me he doesn’t care and that he hates spraying. He let me spray his apple trees this year, but I don’t know if he’ll always allow that.

Now that I’m going to plant more, he’s looking to plant persimmons, pears, apples, and a peach. I told him that he’s got very little chance of getting good peaches without any spray. Hoping to get him to choose something else other than a peach, I mentioned the Jujube sampler box I have on order from Cliff England. Now he is thinking about ordering some jujube trees. He is 70 and doesn’t use computers. So, I’ve been talking to him trying to help him with picking out cultivars.

List so far, which can change.

For the neighbor:

- Apple: Liberty on M111
- Pear: Seckel on OHxF 87
- Peach: Indian Free??? I explained what I know about it from reading this forum, and said I think it might be one that you can get away with using no spray on but that I’m not sure. He’s willing to get it.

  • Persimmon: No idea, and I’m thinking he’d need 2 for pollination. He says he grew up eating the soft kind, in Italy.

For me:

  • Pear: Magness and Aurora on OHxF 87, Korean Giant on Betulifolia

And everything else for me is up in the air. Nothing really decided yet.

  • Apple: Scions for top working (or attempting to top work) my parent’s crab apple. Whatever I can get. Spitz and Rubinette seem like good choices. Maybe a twig or two from one of the trees I planted in my yard this year. I might get to try them faster this way.
  • Maybe a couple of jujubes.
  • Maybe more peaches/nectarines.

get the curl resistant peaches - salish, blushingstar, saturn, indian free, indian cling all fit I believe.
scab resistant apples - liberty, enterprise, freedom, goldrush, etc… etc…


Liberty could work for him
Or Ark Black? So damn hard i hear bugs hate it


I keep eyeing indian free… red peach pie. Hmmm


Yeah shipping can sting. First i was like …$55!!!
But im rationalizing it by saying im only paying one ship since ACN is free. And i want it on 111. I know i will be muttering for years if i dont just get it how i want it
Ive heard their trees are nice caliper and roots. Heres hoping

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@JustPeachy I already have Gold Rush, plus it’s CAR susceptible. Liberty is what came to mind as the most neglect-proof apple that I could think of.

As far as the peaches go, I’m happy the one I already suggested works. Indian Cling is more of a cooking apple. Saturn’s a flat peach, is that one not prone to rots?

@Reg He said “yes” to Liberty. I hadn’t seen raves about Arkansas Back from northern posters here. I just searched and I found a report from Michigan, with Alan and scottfsmith chiming in. Maybe I’ll print out a description of that one. His wife is a big cooker and both of them like the idea of not buying from the grocery store. In that respect, GoldRush might be a better option for them than Liberty. Or perhaps Ark Black. I’ll suggest GoldRush as an option, I hesitated to do that because of its CAR susceptibility and because I already have it and we can share what we have.

Regarding their garden, their garden is much bigger than your typical backyard grower’s would be. This year he told me “I’m cutting back this year” and then put 120 tomato plants in the ground. Many things get frozen, they grow enough winter squash and enough garlic to store into the next season and still give away, and they have indoor and outdoor canning depending on how much is to be canned. Their outdoor canner was made by a welder friend of his and can seal close to 30 quart sized jars.


I’ve been happy with the quality of both of those things on the trees I have purchased from TOA. I am sure you will as well if they are the same as they sent me over the years.


Its a good cooker but its a GREAT rotter. I don’t do summer cover sprays on my apples and in my hot yard it just doesn’t work that way. I topworked it to Gnarled Chapman (cider apple) this spring.

If you want a great classic French apple for cooking I would instead do Reine des Reinettes, it doesn’t rot so much. It also is better fresh than Calville Blanc. Another durable cooker is Blenheim Orange.

For my orchard, I am more in the “what will I remove” mode, not what will I add. I just chopped out my graft of Stark Sweetheart apricot yesterday … very small fruit with no special taste. Santiam hazelnut going soon as well (rots). I do have a few vague ideas on things to add, I may get rid of all my vinifera hybrid grapes and replace with muscadines. But the main plans I have is giving more room to things I really like, such as Bavay Gage plum, etc.