Has it been a good fruit year?


Puget Sound lowlands.
Cold spring
Short summer
Early fall rains.
It’s now in the low 40s and windy. (October 23).
Not a good year.



Are you in the Puget Sound area? I have an Uncle that lives just outside Silverdale.


Silverdale is less than ten miles away from me.


Have you seen any flying lobsters lately? Try to send them my way!


No. Haven’t seen any flying lobsters lately. Maybe they left for Maine . . . ? :rofl:




I’m jealous, Jim. Especially of your peaches plums and apples.
I could have answered the question - Has it been a good fruit year? - with two letters. N. O.
Or maybe two words.
Hell no.


Just reading some of these posts.
Paddy - sounds like you had great success! I envy you all of those peaches! :peach:


Very nice thread. Like others, here are my notes


Figs (many grafted this year fruited), PeachyKeen peach (very reliable), Frederick passion fruit, Raspberries (with primocane varieties, we are swimming in berries), Blackberries, Valencia oranges (big old tree with fruits hanging year around)


Shinseiki pear (produced for the first time - 2nd leaf), Oro Blanco grapefruit (still early, but great potential), Guavas (I experimented with water deficit, which unlike stone fruits is a bad idea for guavas)


Grapes (Golden Muscat - slip skin + seeds is a bad combo, Mars - not as “foxy” as I thought, Reliance - growing slow), Satsuma plum (zero fruits with leaf curl aphids and no hand pollination), Satsuma Mandarin (taking its own sweet time to set fruits), Parfianka pomegranate (wrong variety), Unknown avocado (zero fruits, topworked this year)

Still keeping my eye on 2022/23 for full production of all the trees (and grafts) planted this year with few expected failures.


Interesting. How old is your Prok graft on Nikita’s Gift? I was thinking of grafting some American persimmons on Kaki trees, but I read there might be graft compatibility issues. One option I wondered, is to do that via a hybrid (NG, Rosseyanka, etc) interstem. Good to know you are having some success with it.


It was a cold and shorter growing season for the Puget Sound lowlands.
A very cold spring
Not a good garden season.


Not particularly good. Weak bloom, bad timing of frost, too-cool summer contributed to a lackluster year for me. Pears were dern-right skimpy, apples a fraction of the year before (but still adequate for us to be eating ours right now, with enough to carry us a few more weeks.)

Decent plum crop though, and the kindness of a neighbor provided plenty of nice apricots for jam, so we have preserves for the year.


Good crop of blueberries & black walnuts. Handful of persimmons.
Nothing else… no apples, pears, mulberries, blackberries, plums, pecans, acorns.
A few isolated hickories produced slim crops… most had nothing.

But… I had the first big garden in over 25 years. Plenty of squash(summer & fall/winter types), field peas, green beans, watermelons, sweet potatoes. Tomatoes & peppers did OK, Okra and Roselle probably should have been started early and planted earlier.