Hass Avocado and freezing weather

I planted a Hass Avocado in my zone 9 yard which means occasional freezing nights every winter. It’s about 20 feet away from a big ash tree. It seems like it is getting protected by it as I don’t see frost in that part of the yard. Maybe it’ll survive after all!

hope your hass survives. In las vegas, it is actually the 116F summers which prove lethal to avocados, and not the occasional 16F of winters . The mexicola cultivar seems to most hardy, if you’re worried about low winter temps.

I bought this tree on a whim with no regard to it’s cold hardiness. It was on sale for $20 and looked very healthy. Another frosty night, but it looks ok! The other night it went down to 28!

I’m glad to hear that all is well. 28F is in the normal range of lows for 9b. You’ll probably hit that at least every now and then. So, it’s good to hear that it passed its first challenge.

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I feel like I have seen your tree somewhere. On a blog or something with more pictures over a period of time. Was that you?

Maybe here Hass Avocado Tree | Bleeding Dirt

Unfortunately, the tree croaked last summer when I went on a trip and 100+F hit us for a couple of days. The drip irrigation just wasn’t enough!

Yes it was that. Sorry to hear I’m sure you will if not have found something nice to fill the space Thanks for the quick response!