Hatchet Mountain Crabapple

I recently bought and planted this variety from fedco and felt obligated to document it’s progress on the forum. The tree was discovered by famed apple historian and fedco trees founder John bunker in my home town of Hope, Maine in 2015. But even more, my farm resides at the base of hatchet mountain (see below), the very mountain this apple owes it’s name.

Here is the listing from fedco.

It is reportedly a very handsome tree with great potential for jelly production.

The tree I received a few weeks ago seems to be extremely precocious as is often observed in crabs and just began flowering as seen here:

I will update the thread as I grow and learn more about the cultivar. If anyone else is growing it, I’d love to know how it does for you!

I also plan on reaching out to John/fedco to see if I can get the story on/locate the original tree and document it for future generations.


Very nice looking crabapple from Fedco. This is their photo.



i grow the Garfield King Yellow Transparent sold by Fedco, that he discovered growing on Charette hill in Fort Kent. talking to my father and some of the locals, it was the same tree we used to go forage from. its on posted land now but its still there. i love crabs so i may need to add this one to my collection. there’s a old crab growing at the university in ft. kent that has blooms like this but the fruit is very tiny. it is a beautiful old tree. the squirrels and blue jays love the fruit in the fall.


Darn their ornery hides.

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