Have a mulberry tree in a pot fruits are hairy why could be this?

hi, thanks for accepting me, have a mulberry tree in a pot fruits are hairy why could be this?
it was doing well but i stop feeding it for one month
is this only fertilization or could be otrer problem


Is a photo possible?bb

Native mulberry in eastern USA has one little hair per each little bit of the compound berry…one per seed, one per what was a bloom. The mulberry is actually a cluster of fruits.
I imagine I’m singing to the choir to the old timers here…who could probably describe it more eloquently.

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I don’t like to think of myself as an old timer…hahahaha…but if the shoe fits…

Young mulberry fruits are all “hairy”. They grow out of it…


thanks! but the mature fruit still has them and hasn’t “fill” the berry…

Maybe you’re describing a poorly pollinated fruit? As Bradybb said a pix would be useful.

Sounds like male flowers to me. Its hard to say without a photo.

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Here is a side-by-side of the male and female flowers in case that is the problem: Male and Female mulberry flowers

Is this a seedling or a named fruiting variety? If named, you don’t have a male.

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I bought it from

an especialized place last year, it has a lot of fruits, alyhough it was smaller…now I think I applied growth hormone in excess (i used it because I read i’ts useful for grapes to frow bigger, O didn’t have a great problem I am remembering and this could be, because besides thet didn’t apply fertilizers cause I run out of it. but. it doesnpt have the friut it produced last year. can´t give it more light because is the borderline with the neighbor.

thanks to you all! very nice and kind your precious help :slight_smile:

sorry for the misspelling I had problems with my keyboard they are solved


I believe that " hair" to be just parts of the flower ( stigmas ) that have not fallen of , they are present on mulberrys , though not usually as noticable as on yours.
If they came from the potted plant in the photo, it seams to be in a sheltered area, if it had more sun , wind , rain , they may have dried up and blew away, or wasted off by rain ?
I have noticed this in my green house, but not so much outside.

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I was worried because I see so many pictures, great and plain fruits!
suddenly I thought it was the reason for not growing bigger… it is a half sheltered area as you can see the limit in the wall…and has sun till noon, has wind but i can´t do better, if I took it to the public park nearby it could die. I am thinking making it smaller when finish giving fruits in order to beg the neighbor using more of his space…
.very grateful, thanks, have my best regards!
any suggestions for soil? if you have time, please… thanks in advance

("@any suggestions for soil")
While it’s certainly possible to grow it in that container…
It would be much happier in the ground.
Or at the least a larger container… 20gal. ?
Just curious where in zone 11a you are?
And welcome to this site !