Have you ever try this?

When your trees get hit by a late freeze can you make the tree rebloom ? Well you can try this. Do not fertilize the tree with nitrogen instead a good dose of bloom fertilizer, I use Humboldt bloom. I have try it with citrus, it will rebloom, it will drop remaining old bloom and leftover fruits, if any. Doesn’t hurt try. General
Hydroponic, was on sale last Fall. Second bloom.


I wish that would work on jplums…

They bloom mid/late Feb here… and almost always get frosted pretty hard in March or even early April.

Bright green pretty little fruit… turn brownish black shrivel and fall off :frowning:

You could still try it if you had lost all flowers, do it now. Worth a try. If it works for citrus it works for all I suspect. I got a gl jug of micro to add, just a tbs. NO Nitrogen! I mix bloom about a tbs or so, just eyeball it and a couple tbs of micro per 5gl bucket .using 1/2gl per container.(15gl)
I use this for my potted trees, if you want to spray your tree’s I would use a surfactant also in the mix.
I only use this on trees that has bloomed and lost all their bloom for whatever reason. Mine are usely lost during winter/ late spring when they are blooming in my Greenroom. No bees to pollinate, all flowers just fall of.

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My persimmons that weren’t flowering well are all covered in blooms this year after I applied a bloom booster a few times last summer. Maybe they would’ve bloomed without my interference but I’m a believer!


sadly I pruned a lot of my heavier fruit spur branches off my Italian plum over winter, trying to shape it better and open it up. don’t think this will help- but I’m posting here to see this thread later if I need it for other trees. I have one or two that bloom early then get frozen out. thanks for this idea