Hawaii Longan. I just can't pass up!

One of our Asian market got a shipment of the Hawaii Longan. I bought a 10lbs box at $8.50 a lb. It was still way cheaper than the trip to Hawaii several back to eat fresh Hawaii Longan and other tropical fruits. They are absolutely the best tasting Longan out there. It has a very small seed, real sweet, and Oh that Longan fragrance.



$10 lbs for less than $10?
Around my area, it is $3-4 per lbs.

85 dollars. 10 pounds x 8.50 a pound :grimacing:

I don’t even know what one is. Looks interesting!



Thanks for posting @tonyOmahaz5 i ’m going to check the Asian market. They look delicious!


no doubt, longans vie for the ugliest and most refreshing/flavorful fruits on this planet.

partly serious, and partly joking :grin:


folks naive to longans ask me how i seem to eat longans so fast. Below is the ‘tutorial’ to my monkey-level dexterity :grin:
no need to use the fingernails, or having to chip away the peel into messy little pieces.
the trick is to give it a squeeze near the peduncle. With rambutans, the technique is similar, but instead give it a squeeze at the cleavage at the base of the fruit, opposite the peduncle

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Wow Tony, you are a true fruit connoisseur! I’ve never seen the Hawaiian variety. The longan at our local markets come from Florida.

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Thanks for correction. Thought the whole box was $8.50. $8.50 a lb sounds a bit too steep.

I can’t eat a lot of logan in one sitting. I develops canker sore on my gum if I do. Some people have this reaction when eating pineapple.