Hawaiian Avocado varieties producing heavy fruit in SoCal?

Does anyone have heavily fruit producing Hawaiian avocado varieties growing Southern California?
I heard Malama avocado produce fruit consistently and heavily. I wonder if anyone has mature Malama tree producing fruit heavily or other Hawaiian varieties.

I’m not sure why you would want them when you can grow Reed.

Reed is pretty good but Hawaiian variety is superior in terms of tasting, higher content of oil and nuttiness ( that is what I heard)

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I’m getting a box of Reeds from Brad Spaugh in a few weeks when he says they’ll be at peak oil content, so I’ll withhold final judgment until then, but the other times I’ve tasted Reed I’d agree that while they are large and “meaty,” their flavor is lacking. Nowhere near the nutty burst of flavor you get from something like Fuerte, and without the melting/creamy quality of many Mexican types like Mexicola.

Brad said on the other forum that he removed Malama because it produced poorly and was low quality for him, and I think he said similar things about some other Hawaiian types, though he sings high praise for Sharwil. I find Sharwil similar to Reed in the sense it is meaty and large, but none of that nutty flavor I crave in an avocado.

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I am looking forward to hearing your verdict on Reed taste. I’d like to have Kahalu’u avocado but the only reason I am not really pursuing to obtain it is that it is known for alternate bearing behavior.