Hazelnut growing advice

I stratified a bunch of hazelnuts and got radicles out of pretty much all of them. I have them in an air prune bed. What kind of growth can I expect year 1? Do I need to cage them from deer, rabbits etc? I’m new to growing them, any advice is a help. Thanks


Yes, need caged from deer
Also , need planted in a block ,so they will pollinate.
If planted far from each other they will not pollinate



My hazelnut seedlings are starting to produce small leaves in my raised grow bed. How do they handle transplanting? How much growth should I anticipate this first year? How long does it typically take to get them to a mature size? I have seen they produce a j-shaped root, does that act as a taproot?

Yes , they form a sort of tap root. If you are thinking of moving them, very carefully get all the root too.
Or let them grow this year in the nursery bed, move next spring.
2 -3ft or so of growth would be average in first yr. more or less. Depending on soil and care.
Mine from seed took 5 -8+ yrs. to flowering.
My seedlings of rush, have the blight bad this year, going to remove. ( 15 yr old, sad ). Have Jeff, yamhill, 208p, to replace them with.


As to where to plant them on your farm when you are ready.
Here ,it seems chipmunks are the biggest problem, so iam going to plant new plantings farther from the woods, like out in the middle of a feild.