Hazelnuts 2024

Opening a 2024 thread for Hazels…

At the moment the Rutgers varieties Somerset, Hunterdon and Monmouth all have flowers and opening catkins as do Dorris and York, the last of these plant’s catkins are only barely starting to open. The hybrids (Oikos and Oikos Ken’s) don’t have much for open flowers male or female. I am hoping that at least some of their catkins will opens soon. They have so many that I will certain that if they open in time they will give a nice bloom of pollen for the others. The pollination seedling that I have at the end of the hedge has no catkins :(.

Hunterdon, open for business:

Oikos Kens Select Hybrid

Seedling Hazel, sadly barren:


Looks great. I am doing my Hazel experiment here in Texas. My catkins from the Oikos Precocious tree are starting to elongate and some are giving off pollen, but no flowers yet. Precocious is not a clonal tree so no two are exactly alike, so my other precocious is not yet doing much with catkins yet. I have a wild Corlyus americana from Tennessee that is full on bloom and catkins giving off pollen. See if I will get nuts for the first time this year with that one. The one European Hazel doing well here so far is Yamhill. It is flowering now but the catkins are just starting to release pollen. If I get nuts this year from it and I think I will, this is a good one for hot and sunny Texas. Dorris is growing great in Texas has not put out flowers yet, I don’t know if it is old enough. If this one flowers well and makes nuts I will be thrilled. It grows fine here compared to others, but still waiting on the nuts. Waiting on The Beast to see if it will flower this year along with Grand Traverse. Beast handles the heat better than Grand Traverse. My oldest Jefferson, about 5 years old has yet to put out a catkin or flower. It does not like the heat as much. My Raritans I think are too small to flower. Sommerset and Hunterdon are definitely too young. York hasn’t grown well here still hasn’t flowered after 6 years. Barcelona, my oldest European hazel, should be flowering soon. I have got nuts from it but it is not productive here in Texas. Definitely old enough to bare. Hoping my Polly O flowers for the first time this year. This is another that takes the heat better amongst the European hazels. Oikos Select One works well here which I believe is another non clonal type. This one flowers later. Many others that are probably too young yet, and also a bunch I am planting this years will finish my hazel orchard patch. Once I figure out the varieties that do and do not work here I will switch to those that work. Corylus americana’s are for pollination purposes, although the Select One’s are american hazels that have a nut big enough to be worth collecting at .5 g kernel. For reference for those that don’t know Barcelona comes in at about 1.6g kernel. One of my wild american hazel pollinators makes .2g kernels! Tiny. Keeping my fingers crossed on that Yamhill will produce nuts. Hope to god it is not as hot here this summer. The 110F days last summer were savagely hot.


That is some useful information, made more interesting because it seems a bit different from my experience. For me the two Oikos bushes took several years to flower. The were well taller than me by the time I saw my first catkins. The Rutgers varieties seemed to be trying to push flowers and catkins quite early, in their 1st or 2nd winters. Do your Rutgers bushes tend to bloom earlier in the season? I guess time will tell.

Hopefully we will both be seeing nice crops of nuts.

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My Jefferson in Central Alabama has a hard time getting the catkins to survive the winter but the flowers appear to be healthy. I’m grafting in some Eta scions which should provide pollen for both Theta and Jefferson.


NJPete, yeah Texas is a whole different thing. Far from ideal place to grow hazelnuts so don’t take it as typical. But my Raritans are really small, about a foot so wouldn’t expect flowering yet. Jefferson has issues with the heat hear, it does not like it. The Oikos I have are different than yours, I have Precocious and Ecos. Precocious is not a cultivar but a collection of plants selected over time so each is different. One had micronuts, another never made nuts, the other two I have grow well and make nuts. Precocious flowered after about 3 years. Ecos has never flowered here. Anyway I noticed since my last post a few flowers on Dorris. My Barcelona is basically not flowering at all this year. Last summer we had extreme heat all summer up to 110F and I think for some trees it stressed them too much and decided not to flower. Jefferson is having problems with all the heat here. I have a six foot tree and so far no flowers. If it doesn’t flower next year I may replace it. Just got 3 more Yamhills as they handle the heat better, flower well, and the catkins don’t get killed in the heat and wind.


What year did your Jeffersons start flowering? I have a Jefferson that is 6 feet tall and not so much as a single catkin or flower. Catkins are not an issue, I have pollen from others but six feet tall and no flowering, not sure Jefferson will work here. Jefferson really struggles in the Texas heat more so than other types and that may be the issue with it. One more year and if no flowering of any kind I may yank it.


Wow. It sounds very tough down there.

My hazels are all on Jefferson air layers and they have been planted for 3 years. I saw a few flowers in the 3rd year. I can’t speak for other areas but at my location it flowers okay but I want to empathize that it has almost no catkins to pollinate its partner Theta. I’m grafting in Eta this year to help with pollination. Several of my Jefferson has 3-4 varieties grafted onto limbs.

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I grow mine in a tree form and they are from 7-9’ tall. Limbs start at about 5’.

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I’ve got 6 hazels in a row by my side fence. they are all leafing out and one or two are blooming. very small plants, the oldest is 4, the youngest was put in last year. I believe the new one is Jefferson? (not sure will have to check variety list)