Heading cut?

My wife and I recently got into fruit trees. We planted a granny smith and harvester peach. However, the scaffolds are a little tall. Is it too late to do heading cuts to lower the scaffold? Some of the lower buds look like they branched a little and may have been cut off by the nursery. Pics are in the link. The first images are the peach. Last 2 are the granny. I had to use imgur since im a new user.
Any advice would be great.

On peach trees, it’s pretty rare that a bud that didn’t grow last season will pop and start growing this season, even if you headed the tree back.

I’d definitely head the tree back, but only head it back to where there are buds which grew on the trunk last season, or head it back to a place where there are already 3 scaffolds to choose from.

The apple tree you can head back to wherever you want.