Healthiest Fruits to grow


It’s my opinion children need to eat small amounts of fish


no, no in Africa they lack iron, zinc, vitamin A, and iodine. it’s the vegetarian diet that does that. But luckily they have a better flora in their gut, so B12 and K2 deficiencies are less common than they are in similar western populations.


no doubt every industry does push research that is advantageous. All you can do is experiment for yourself.

But you lose me at whole grains. I don’t see the need or evolutionary reason for that. Animals who make grains their main staple (many small rodents) produce 30 times the amount of phytase that I can produce. They are all evolved for that diet, and I am not. it is much better to have two inches less waist, stronger teeth, no dandruff, better stomach acid, no depression and playing soccer at 60, then having chest pains, dandruff, poor skin and teeth at 42-45.


Gut Flora is much of the problem. I’ve heard of people living on sweet potato alone for years with no illness due to gut flora.


agree. My original problem was (probably) that I got treated with anti-biotics a few times when I was a child. Members of the original family without that problem do well even though they eat wheat 3xday. The flora is quite adaptable and can make vitamins and extract minerals on request. Lots of chemical signaling between body and flora.


Here is an interesting article on the Japanese sweet potato Yes I think antibiotics can do more harm than good at times but they can also save lives. Livestock receive antibiotics all the time which is a real problem.


Yes, no one argues that, but your arguments seem devoid of actual peer reviewed research to back them up. What is established scientifically is that refined flowers do contribute to diabetes and probably obesity- the too most deadly diet based health problems in this country. If you are going to argue so far outside the box, please come up with a better reference than a book written by a man with no training in dietary science and no research to back his claims.

This is my final comment on this subject because random opinions about diet are not really appropriate here and we’ve probably gone well beyond the point of useful discussion.

This link discusses the health advantages to whole grains based on science and not book sales or industry funding. Incidentally, it is the fiber in fruit that also slows the release of sugar and doesn’t create the dangerous spikes in blood sugar fruit juice and other fiberless sugar sources do.


What is sad is many people sacrifice to try and eat healthy and their genetics betrays them.
Obits like this are quite common:
James F. Fixx, who spurred the jogging craze with his best-selling books about running and preached the gospel that active people live longer, died of a heart attack Friday while on a solitary jog in Vermont. He was 52 years old.

Euell Gibbons was 64 and died of a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Many probably don’t know him, but he was an advocate to eating wild, and healthier diets. He was well published. Both were!

I do think eating right will buy you time, but not as much as you think.


this would take hours. I am at work on a deadline. But i will post.


Sorry for my poor English I meant the people in Africa in places that are unable to feed themselves and I too was thinking of war torn parts of Africa.


No problem, I was just putting the idea out there. Many Americans think Africa is a one country basket case and the only time they notice it is when the news is showing horrifying pictures of starving children. There are lots of good stories in Africa, but those aren’t news.


I have a tendency to think of Sierra Leone and not the wealthy people who live in South Africa when someone says the word Africa. Your right to point it out that is not the right way because it’s all we see on TV and here about. A friend was a military contractor there and saw another military contractor eaten by a crocodile. That’s something that stuck in my mind. I know wealthy people live there obviously since the country is rich with gold, diamonds, spices etc. but it’s not what I think of when someone says Africa. I think of danger and human suffering.


Sadly all the news cares about is making money, they are a very aggressive business people, yes some local people in the news are not like that, yet at average that is what they are like. I remember fox would cancel any show that did not make a ton of money, fired reporters that cared about the absolute truth, or cared about the well being of others because that does not make enough money for them.

Just like the news media targets female celebrities mocking them, humiliating them and pushing fake feuds that do not even exist to make a much greater profit. The media’s abuse of women goes way beyond sexual abuse. A lot of fans of many lady singers could sue the media for pain and suffering that they cause them without any hesitation. Playing with their minds and their emotions to make money.

The media only promotes the good things that a celebrity does if it makes them millions of dollars by doing so. But if they feel they could make more money by manipulating people and humiliating the star then they often do that. I can think of many examples. Like when a critic who does not go to a concert claims to have went yet clearly did not, those critics always mock the concert experience that he or she never had. The first time I noticed it was a review for a night of one of Britney Spear’s’s tours, me being a fan noticed that she was not wearing the clothes the critic claimed that Britney was wearing that night. Nor did some of the events the person claimed happen happened that night. This kind of critics looks onine to do the review, that critic clearly had no idea that Britney likes to change her outfits during tour often. That kind of critics looks for negative comments online left by people who did not attend the tour, they too are looking online to make their judgments.

Once a tabloid was taking comments from Britney fans guessing things, they reworded things, and they claimed the sources were people close to Britney, yes in a way fans are close to the artist, yet that is manipulative since that is not what people think of when they read “sources close to Britney”. I do not want to make this thread about the media so I will stop here. Yet the news media does make a lot of kids very stressed out. That stress is a lot of what is causing kids to feel stressed out on social media. They play hero to the problems they have a big part in starting.


I have plenty to say on this subject, but I think it belongs in the lounge.


Sierra Leone is not a safe place, because of its gold.


I have nothing useful to add here, but that struck me as a funny combination of units of measure.


I agree ANDI is a flawed measure of “nutrition”. I’d imagine that nectarines typically are sweeter/higher brix than peaches (thus higher calorie) therefore throwing off the rating.


Here is a list of the top 100 most nutritious foods as ranked by the BBC. The descriptions do not go too far in depth, and the article only states generically that it was “Calculated and ranked by scientists”, but it is still interesting. By coincidence, I happened to be eating the #1 food on the list as I was reading it, though this food is nothing exotic.


So bacon is #8 on the list vs #94 for broccoli? It sounds like I’m doing something right :slight_smile:


That is a pretty wacky list, but I’m no expert. However it isn’t what is in what you eat but what your body can absorb and spinach should not be rated as highly as it is here- oxalate renders much of its nutrient content unavailable to human consumers- and this is widely known by nutritionists. Makes me suspect the whole package. And pork fat? Clearly calorie to nutrient ratio is not a factor on that one.