Healthiest Fruits to grow

Everyone is planning and putting in fruit tree orders for 2018.
Everyone is also trying to eat healthy after new years day :slight_smile:

I though it my be a good time to post ANDI scores for fruits. ANDI score is basically a rating for foods based on their nutrient density - micro nutrients per calorie.

Strawberries 212
Pomegranate/Juice 193
Blackberries 178
Plum 157
Raspberries 145
Blueberries 130
papaya 118
Orange 109
Grapefruit 102
Cantaloupe 100
Kiwi 97
Watermelon 91
Peach 73
Apple 72
Cherries 68
Pineapple 64
Apricot 60
Figs 60
Mango 51
Pear 46
Persimmon 44
Nectarine 40


shocking that nectarine is almost half of the score for peach… Heck peach even deats cherries and apricots (I am surprised, personally)…


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Surprised and happy that plums are so high on the list. Gives an excuse to eat so plums each summer.

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A notoriously flawed measure of nutrition.

There is no single healthiest fruit because no fruit exists that will meet all your nutrition needs.

The ANDI metric is micro-nutrients per calorie, which assumes all micro-nutrients are created equal and people count calories.

For better recommendations of healthy diets, try publications from medical schools that specialize in the subject.


Proud to say that I’m growing four of the top six. I’m a little surprised that muscadines aren’t on the list.

This statement is not meant to be completely accurate but the upper ranking fruit is also the fruit with the lower carbohydrate ranking.


I’m not familiar with this unit of measurement but ive never really thought of strawberries as being a super healthy fruit. The other top ranked fruits I have associated with large health benefits.


That does not seem right, since a nectarine is just a bald peach.
Well my peaches must score the same as nectarines because I don’t eat the fuzz.

Me too, but I’m growing all 6.

Many are missing from the list goji, acai, cranberry, honeyberry, cornelian cherry, etc.


I agree with Richard and Auburn. In addition my thought is that if you eat a lot of various fruits like most of us do then you are getting plenty of whatever health benefits fruits offer. I’m eating what I have and like and feeling very good about the nutritional benefits.

It’s the people that don’t eat fruits and veggies that are possibly low on nutrition.


the top ones that blow away all fruit on that lists are aronia, elderberry, black currant, black raspberry, seaberry, buffalo berry, goji,serviceberry and goumi. all of which i grow and contain a lot more phenols and antioxidants than the more common fruits. like Richard said, no 1 fruit has everything a body needs but thats why we eat a diverse amount of fruit. i try to mix all my fruit types into my recipes so we get as diverse nutrient / antioxidant load as we can. also some like aronia aren’t that tasty by themselves but mix them with black currants, raspberries and strawberries they make one hell of a tasty jam !


I’d agree. Can’t see how strawberry would top these. Not that I’m knocking strawberry but like Auburn says if strawberry is tops it’s about the low calories. That’s a big plus for those on a diet but many add sugar.

If you have to add sugar to make jam that’s not a plus. Eat them fresh or plain frozen without sugar if you want to top the scale. Not that I’ll knock the jam either. I’m sure it’s tasty and nutritious.

I’m thinking we’re all in the sweet spot for fruit nutrition.


Sad to see figs so low. Such a great “fruit”. They are so addicting. During the season, I have a couple for almost every meal. Each variety is so different in taste and texture.

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i do eat them mixed plain or in oatmeal and such but i do like a good jam also. i use minimal sugar in my jam as I’m a fan of tart , sharp flavors. the fruit i mentioned contains much lower sugar levels than the top listed ones so if you do add some sugar it isn’t as high in calories than if you would add some to strawberries.

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The intent of the post was to share nutrient density of some fruits, not recommend any

Absolutely yes - like Drew/Moose71/Fruitnut mention above there are many fruits missing on the list that may have higher nutrient density like cranberries.

The post shows some fruits have more micro nutrients than others. It doesn’t say
there is one single healthiest fruit. :wink:That’s misleading.

Like Fruitnut/Moose71 say above - Eating a wide variety of nutrient dense foods is
essential to meet micro nutrient needs!

Moose71 - Your jam sounds amazing. Have to try it :stuck_out_tongue:


Would also like to see pawpaw on this list. Very interesting list.

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I think this list is mostly for entertainment purposes and just for that, I’m thankful for the post. We really don’t know all the aspects of fruit that are good for us, but unless you are deficient in a given nutrient, this list has little practical purpose, and then you would need a rundown of the specific nutrients any given fruit has. I would predict that every fruit lover gets a surplus of every known nutrient we need from fruit.

Flavenoids and certainly fiber may be much more important than nutrient content anyway. Nutrient deficiency is very rare in this country but a large percentage of Americans don’t get enough fiber and it is unknown at what point you’ve got enough fiber in your diet not to benefit from more. Fiber Is Good for You. Now Scientists May Know Why. - The New York Times

Anyone have a list with fiber content of fruits? I bet figs are very high.

I concur with Alan. That index seems heavily weighted with anti-oxidants. That need varies from person to person and diet to diet. If your liver produces plenty glutathione, you don’t care.

I think that would only be coincidence as anti-oxidants are not nutrients, right?.

vitamin C is commonly recognized as an essential nutrient, but it does little except sweep oxidative reaction products (well, it also helps with collagen).

the list i posted are very high in antioxidants the 1st lists not so much. nutrients and antioxidants are 2 different animals. antioxidants help the body to fight free radicals that cause cancer and some diseases in our body. nutrients are essential for normal body function. . if your short on a nutrient it can cause sickness due to a deficiency. like was said prior, most people living in the US that eats a balanced diet won’t have a nutrient deficiency but many lack enough fiber or antioxidants in their diet. us fruit lovers likely get plenty of both as fruits are one of your better sources of these things.

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