Heavy Duty Nutcrackers

These were perfect for the hazelnuts. The groove I chose left the nuts whole. They were smaller than average and pretty tough. I think those are the 20" pliers, tons of leverage.

Apparently I have 2 pair. They haven’t been very useful on any fasteners I’ve tried, so I was happy to find a good application for them.

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affordable too!

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Looks good for thin-shelled nuts, but I’m not convinced it would handle a black walnut. I’d be happy to be proven wrong, of course!

I’ve seen some people say they can crack black walnuts with vise-grips, but I’ve never managed to get that to work.

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I’ve been quite happy with using a heavy duty 4” speed vise for black walnuts. But it seems all but impossible to get anything but fragments.

I purchased a specific nut cracker for black walnuts many years ago on Amazon but it broke to pieces after cracking a few nuts. Black walnuts are tough!

I will consider any other device if it can make larger pieces with less trouble. But given the internal structure of the black walnut, I doubt it is possible.

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I don’t like walnuts, so may never know.

These are probably only twice the mechanical advantage of vice grips. But the teeth are also more aggressive, and you can get a good lever length with both hands.

youd think it wouldnt be too hard to make an automatic nut cracker that runs off a motor with rotating drums for a reasonable price. Similar concept to rock crushers no?

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Probably one of those chinese clones of the Master Nutcracker. They are notorious for failing. I would put Gerald Gardner’s cracker up against any black walnut no matter how thick the shell and have done so many times.

Sure thing. You can buy one for about $800. Do some searching online and there are 3 or 4 available, one even uses a 1/2 inch drill for power.


The goody getter is good at cracking out 1/4’s and occasionally 1/2s, and I think most of the other ones in the videos would do as well. A pair of nippers/offset pliers helps release any uncooperative kernels.

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Yeah, nut stealer too!!! They found my stash of tropical almonds…

Are there any nutcrackers that would work on tropical almonds? Been using my machete, but it’s a crude method to extract the kernels

Any heavy duty nutcracker should be able to do the job on almonds.

I timed myself using a Master Nutcracker on Kanza pecans. Without rushing, I can do 20 pecans per minute. It took 5 pounds of Kanza pecans to shell out 2.5 pounds of nuts ready too cook. It took about 20 minutes total to crack them. I could have done it in 16 minutes if I had pushed. I shelled them by hand taking nearly 2 hours. I prefer to go slow and recover as many halves as possible.

I haven’t tried timing myself with black walnuts, but would expect I could do 12 to 15 per minute.

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I have done 60 pounds of black walnuts. IT TAKES TIME, and lots of it.

In a good year, I get a pickup truck load of black walnuts from my trees. I have cracked and shelled as much as 400 pounds one year just because I had the walnuts and the time. Two years ago, I had 500 pounds of pecans to distribute to friends and family and to shell for myself. I wound up with about 20 gallons of shelled pecans in the freezer.

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This is the cast iron version (when you can find them) on various platforms of ‘The May Nutcracker’

Then here is their Aluminum model (you should buy) if you haven’t first found the cast:

No matter which, I build this platform for holding the nuts to be cracked and the shells falling from the crack process…

You can crack nuts one after another, quickly. This is a 1918 tool I believe.

Pecans are the only thing that this should be used upon.

I was about to call it a night when it occurred to me that @Fusion_power is cracking at the same rate of speed with ‘The Master Nutcracker’.

Here again we should recognize the usefulness of a C.E. Potter nutcracker that can almost at any moment be up for sale on eBay. It’s the same damn thing; close too.


I asked Fred Blankenship about those Pounds 2 I sent from him to you and he stated that pollen from another walnut changed the internal cavity. He said another of his Pounds 2 trees near grafted black walnuts receiving pollen from them has a completely different cavity. He did this on purpose to show us all something is what he did. That’s pretty smart of him to do so.