Hedging 1942



I wonder what tree they are using as a hedge? Black locust or Osage orange or?
I enjoy how that lady is just going at it and the narrator says " One day she will be a good helper at hedging"


I always enjoy watching craftsmen in any trade. This guy really liked his pipe.


I’m not sure what tree they are using in this video but they used hazel in another one that I watched a few years ago.


Hawthorne, most likely. This is in the UK, and that was the hedge material of choice. The narrator simply says “thorns” so it could easily be blackthorn (sloe), hedge maple, or a mixture.

William Bryant Logan described this process nicely in Sprout Lands: Tending the Endless Gift of Trees, so it’s nice to actually see it in action. The book is an excellent read, especially if you’re interested in coppice or pollard systems. More of a story than a manual.


Ahhh thanks guys! Yeah those gloves they are using are pretty thick so i was thinking it had some serious thorns.

I love all the hedge fences and stuff its crazy how long they last and cool they look


strangely mesmerizing to watch.


A nice video. They make it look easy, but you know it isn’t!


I’ve read about the Landgirls and seen the 1998 film about them, so it was nice to see a real one in action.


Fascinating. Looks like hard work. Thought it was going to be about fascism.


yeah those hedgerows in france was hell for our troops heading across the french countryside back then. they never knew if the germans were hiding in them, ready to ambush! a lot of the allied troops died in hedgerow country.


Since it was made in 1942, you have to figure that in other times the woman probably wouldn’t have been his helper. But if you were an able-bodied young male of capable of swinging that knife, then you could probably also carry a rifle and fight for King and Country.


@Levers101 Or women in the 40s were tougher and more able than most of us men are today?

Really back in the day women did most of this as especially in the early 19th century and 20th century the oligarchs just sent all the poor to war and killed a good portion of young men several times. I was going to post it but its too long, have you seen the list of wars from 1880s to the 1940s?

One of my grandfathers was in world war 1, the black and tan war and world war 2. Since he spoke multiple languages and was a explosive expert he went to war before most of the rest of the us and many of the resistance fighters were women in the netherlands and women made the war effort move water. He felt that without the women of europe (or Ireland) we would have lost. Two of my grandpas also claimed we most likely have family over there :joy: