Height & Spacing for Jujube's

I have a Sugarcane and (Li or Lang can’t remember) which I’m going to move to my fenced area. I have a Honeyjar on the way this spring. All three are/should be grafted.

What kind of spacing do I need for them in North Georgia? I want to keep them small. They will have full sun.


under full sun, you could distance them accordingly with the full height you want them to be at. You don’t really need dwarfing stock with jujus(if ever there was any) because you could just lop off upright stems at your desired height and let the laterals bear fruits for several years. The laterals(and the upright stems) will grow additional upright stems at some point, and simply prune selectively, by letting the lower rung uprights develop and removing the higher level uprights. Jujus will bear fruits on same yr’s growth so no need to worry about fruiting being compromised much

i’d say a juju maintained at 7 ft tall would be ok 7 ft apart in georgia under full sun


that’s good to hear I’ll keep them close then