Heirloom ornamental crabapples

Have an ancient crabapple my mother propagated from seed for me. It breeds true to type from seed. Been waiting on this to bloom and produce crabapples to start my new rootstock project. I dont know the name of this seedling if it ever bad one so i will call it by my mothers name because its both beautiful and strong like her. In addition im crossing these with other apple varities to make a super hardy apple. My grandmothers wild peach is flowering as well. Many of these ultra rare heirlooms or seedlings are irreplaceable. No idea where these ancient crabapples originally came from. These are penny sized fruit. Foliage is red part of the year like flat wonderful peach changing to green at times. The seed from this crabapple will be crossed with wickson, hauers pippin, several other unique wild crosses ive developed, honeycrisp, wolf river, winter banana to name a few. It will take me a couple of years for the crosses but i will name them after people i loved and lost. They are beautiful, resilient, started from nothing and became something grand like all the things i admire about people.


Hewe’s Crab would be a good cross if you are interested in creating an ornamental, it is extremely fragrant.


Several other apples are in bloom today. Let the cross pollination begin!


Its a red fleshed crabapple! Some days you feel like your looking over Etters shoulder and hearing what he was thinking.


Looking better this year.


Very pretty, our mature crabapple bloomed 2 weeks ago. Your flowers appear more light pink / or whiter in color. Fruits from mine tastes like tannin but kids sometimes eat it for fun.

I love crabapple trees because they appear so healthy and robust against disease. I wish my other mature apple trees was like my crabapple.

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I planted ‘Thunderchild’ crab for a customer once, it was the most blueish tint to a malus I’d ever seen. Not reddish or purplish, I sampled the bluish fruit, also. Not bad.

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