Hello from Ibaraki, Japan (8b/9a)

I just wanted to say hello to everyone! This looks like a great place to talk about my passion of growing fruit- Cold hardy citrus, persimmons, and blueberries especially.
I’m excited to be here, think I will learn a lot!


welcome to your new obsession. this site is a wealth of information on fruits and some other producing trees and bushes. even some mushroom topics. you can get info here that you cant get at most other growing sources. when i was stationed in Korea many moons ago, me and a friend flew to Okinawa for a 4 day weekend. had a blast. once you get away from the base, the people were very friendly. Asians are really good at growing stuff in limited space. it always amazed me how they could grow rice on a terrace on the side of a steep mountain. very resourceful people. anyway, welcome to the site.