Help ID Methley plum sucker or seedling

A few Methley plum suckers or perhaps seedlings close to the trunk were dug up. This one had a tap root almost 2 ft long. Some leaves were slightly bronze. Tree label did not state rootstock. Is this common of any plum rootstock.

Your overall message was pretty clear, but i would not call it a “Methley Plum sucker”. As you know, it is likely a rootstock sucker from your Methley plum tree.

As originally stated, it sounds like a sucker from a Methley tree that was growing on its own roots. This forum has participants with a wide range of understandings about how these things works. I think its helpful try and avoid such confusion.

The taproot indicates this is more likely to be a seedling than a root sucker. When suckers emerge from plum roots they’re typically from horizontal roots running close to the surface.


Good point. That’s an impressive tap root. And well done to remove intact. I’m pretty brutal when I dig up root suckers for transplant. I wouldn’t even try to go half that deep. I’d just sever it with a horizontal jab.

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Yes it is most likely a seedling of Methley as I also realized there was no attachment to a horizontal root on closer inspection. I was impressed at how long the tap root was and am still wondering if that is typical.

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