Help ID which insect damaged my plum?

My Flavor Queen was grow insects free up to now (I have been spraying for PC). But recent days I
suddenly find many fruits ooze clear liquid with a hole. I cut open some of the fruits. I didn’t see worm but clearly see trace of damage near stone(turned brown). Also some of the fruits displays dark spot with no obvious skin damage.
I am wondering what kind of insect did the damage? Are the holes oozing clear liquid entry holes or exit holes? If these are exite holes, when did the eggs were laid?

Well, didn’t see any reply. At this time of the year , these could be made by second generations of OFM which attacks fruits, I guess. Not sure PC is still active this time of the year. If it is, then could be PC damage too.
I cut open most of the larger dropped fruits and found PC worms still inside. But some fruits with very tiny pin size hole that looks like a feeding of certain insects( that I ignored or overlooked in the past ) when I cut the fruits, I saw very tiny tunnel to the center and the damage done around/outside of the hardened stone but didn’t see worms.

Does anyone have similar insect damage to the fruits and know what kind of insect did that??

I’d say PC, with that brown tunnel straight to the stone

Ok, I will keep spraying