Help identify my cider press?

Just picked up an antique scratter/press combo. I haven’t been able to identitfy it yet. The only marking I see are part numbers, W1, W2, W3, etc… Anyone recognize this press?


I’m no expert, but the same markings appear on what is supposed to be an Eagle. Looks like your’s was geared down with that chain though.

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Oh, that is very helpful! I have been searching all over the intergoogle. My theory is an older guy geared the thing down with bicycle gears to make it easier on the shoulder. It is from Ohio, so I think you are the winner.

Well, you are all set to go ahead and get older then :wink:

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You going to burn Sulfer to sanitize it

I know of it, but never have .

What’s your plan to clean it up if you do not mind me asking .

I almost just bought one many times just didn’t (even the other week)
I also had a food disposable from a sink to rig something, but never did get around to it
(not very handy unless I needed to be)

I’m still figuring that out. I disassembled it today and it was much easier than expected. Wire wheel at the minimum. I’ll start a post on the restoration when I get to it. It is item number 2,365 on my to-do list.


Random site, and I have not bougvht from them
50 cents a sulfer disk to burn

Old vats , and wood barrels were cleaned my burning sulfer (How I know ) but have not made wine for a while (except Persimmon last year)

I’d place in a LArge size Construction Garbage bag to seal in the fumes of the sulfer

I wish I knew more about treating the wood, but have not looked into it
and probably been over 5 10 years since I read up on it since I have not enough fruit for a barrel

MAybe someone here knows best
Do not take this as advice , but I know walnut fruit that green stuff can be used as a stain
Homemade (and green walnut husks are edible may make a liquor myself of it.)

Just a note potassium Metabissulfite (K - Meta) sanitizes by the fumes
I suppose after use when restored could use a sprasy bottle,

Burning Sulpher seems like a easy thing to burn, and be done with it as well
after each use with fruit, and 50 Cents a disk is not much

Woodworking is one of my main hobbies, so most of the wood will be replaced and either finished with food grade oil or left unfinished. With the growth of hobby brewing, there are many easy options for disinfection.

Is this a process you might season the cast iron in a oven (or in pieces ) with oil .

I will be glad to look into your process when you get around to it.
wish I could see some apples being pressed first though hahah just kinding.