Help identify the cherry tree criminal

East of Seattle (foothills on the west side of the cascade mountains): Planted our first cherry trees this year! Alas, one of them has been victimized; it’s leaves raided by some kind bandit organization.

I haven’t been able to find any culprits. After a little research I thought I’d find Japanese beetles or some such pest, but I’ve yet to see anything eating the leaves. Any ideas?
The only curious thing I see are these little nodules on the stems. I’m not sure if those are naturally occurring or a sign of some insect activity (larvae?)
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Those nodules are natural of cherry trees.

Any deer in your neighborhood?

Japanese beetles don’t munch off leaves like that. They feed on leaves and make a skeleton out of them…


Stem damage looks like what I dealt with when deer came browsing.



My guess would be deer, goats, horse, or cows. Normally deer bite at a 45 degree angle in winter. Have had deer damage look just like that before around this time of year. In the summer they seem more agressive like that pulling and munching and in the winter they are selective choosing the best fruit buds which are the angled cuts.

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Yeah thats deer, I had multiple attacks on my cherry trees in the past 2 weeks that all look like that.

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Ah! Thank you so much everyone! Our gate recently broke so I bet you’re right. Thank you!