Help identifying what appears to be a berry

Spotted these wild little plants yesterday at work and was curious what they may be. They kind of resemble a gooseberry but I have no idea what they may be. Could be poisonous for all I know. I used the Seek app on my phone but it was not able to identify it.

Any ideas?



Horsenettle… and yes, it is poisenous.


Look like Thai egg plants to me :smile: but it is not a native plant here.

Thanks Joel. That certainly looks correct. We have a lot of stinging nettles around here but this is the first time ive noticed this horse nettle.

Thanks again.

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Definitely looks like Thai eggplant! But I think this picture has thorns while Thai eggplant does not.


They are in a night shade family. Many are poisonous and some like egg plants, tomatoes are edible.

Thai egg plants do have thorns on the top part of the fruit, almost invisible. I unknowingly grabbed them. It was quite painful. By the time they hit the market, the thorns are gone. Not sure how they remove them.

Here’re my Thai egg plants.

They definitely resemble each other.


Wow. They do look like Thai Eggplant!


Horsenettle, poisonous.

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