Help IDing Pomme Gris Apple?

Hi all,

I ordered 10 Pomme Gris trees from Cummins a couple years ago and one of the trees is fruiting for the first time. I keep waiting for the fruit to russet, but nothing’s happening other than the red blush is getting stronger.

I was hoping someone with an actual pomme gris tree might be able to help as to whether the fruit and foliage points towards it being a pomme gris.

also, I’m curious how soon before maturity to russet apples turn russet?

Thanks all for the time and consideration,
OR Zone 8


I don’t have a Pomme Gris fruiting yet, but I do have a couple Golden Russets that are. My understanding is that the apples have a strong resemblance to each other. G.R. fruit are russeted pretty much from the get go. I could be wrong, but I doubt the fruit you posted are Pomme Gris apples.

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My Pomme gris is about the size of an oversized golf ball, gray with a yellow blush and russeted all over. Besides being ugly, it is one of the best tasting apples ever!! The few I’ve had have no red.


You got something else there.

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Mine is a graft, not a whole tree. This is what mine looks like. It is still a long way to ripen here.


Yikes I hope all 10 are not mix ups that would be a big bummer. Cummins may be able to tell you what you have and replace if you want. It looks a bit like Gala. Definitely not Pomme Gris!

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Thanks for the confirmation guys!

And unfortunately all 10 trees have the same foliage/growth pattern so I’m afraid they’re all incorrect. Will contact cummins and see how they respond.

It’s a bummer no doubt, I was so looking forward to eating a pomme gris apple this autumn!!

We also planted one Cummins Pomme Gris years ago in our cider orchard in Torrey, UT 6800’.

Has done well but like all trees at our altitude took a long time to fruit. It did this year. Large, oblate, dark red, white speckles, late finishing, russet only around stem. Def not PG - doesn’t seem to be a Mac. No bloom. Very flat rim to calyx basin. No protuberances like red d.

As it has been a while since your post, did yours darken also? Has Cummins replied?

Mine look identical

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