Help me decide

Seriously, should I get a Carmine Jewel Cherry Bush. I’ve seen such good reviews of it from you guys and I think I found a place to put it. Right now the only cherry I have is Nanking.

I found one at Burnt Ridge nursery, but with the shipping is like $50. I can’t decide, so maybe I can be persuaded.


I would get Juliet myself, bigger cherry same family.


I have a Carmine Jewel here which has not fruited yet, a forum member from this site was kind enough to dig an extra one up for me when we were meeting anyway. She had two, and was extremely generous.

I have also heard that Carmine jewel tends to make smaller fruits than some of the others in the romance series. Less an issue for me as i was thinking of winemaking mostly, although a few pies might be nice and i did eat a lot of montmorency fresh off the tree at my old house.

If you want to save money I believe most of them sucker relatively frequently as they get larger – – if you put a posting on here offering to pay postage you might be able to get a couple plants for more like 10 or $15 from people just digging out excess growth. That might be worth a try…

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Do you have a Rural King where you’re at? I saw them selling potted CJ and Juliet for about $30, if you’re interested.

I have a Juliet and Romeo, and would like to add another tart cherry since my Crimson Passion bit the dust last year. I might get one if their CJ’s if they’re available at a discount later.

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no, no Rural King around here.

Now that you guys mention it, I may be able to fit two cherry bushes in, just maybe…

looking at Juliet right now

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I grafted Juliet onto my CJ to save space. And onto my Montmorency! Do you have a cherry tree growing? I don’t know if Nanking is compatible?

I have CJ and Romeo bushes but hope that Juliet makes an entire scaffold of my big tart tree.

Nanking is closely related to plums and not compatible to cherries. It is used as a very dwarfing rootstock for E.Plums.

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Get them both… you know you want them!! LOL

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Which Rural King did you see them at? I checked mine, they didn’t have them :frowning:. I’d love to replace mine locally.

That’s the answer I wanted. Sadly I only got Juliet on Drew’s recommendation. No pressure Drew. I started looking at pictures of them, and they get pretty big. Until I get the stump in my orchard out, I am out of room. This cherry bush is taking up the space where I normally would grow squash. So for right now, I will only I have the Juliet.

Thanks for all the opinions.

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It was the store just west of Ashland, which is in extreme NE KY. We’re about an hour from there. But, that was about 3 weeks ago.

There is another RK in Maysville, which is further down the river, closer to you. You might be about an hour up the AA highway (KY route 9) from there. But, I don’t know if they have any of those plants at that store. You could call them and see.

All of them get to be about 8 feet tall and wide. But you could probably prune them back. You may lose a years crop, but maybe not if done right after harvest. My CJ will be kept to about 5x5 as that is all the room I have for it. Juliet has room to grow full size, but I will cut it back to 7 feet, as long as I don’t need a ladder.

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Let me be a bit of a devil’s advocate here. I have three varieties of the romance cherries and have been very hopeful about them and enjoyed some small harvests. Last year, when they were beginning to bear more substantially a bit of cold water splashed on my cherry dreams in the form of Plum Curculio. They hit almost every cherry on my bushes before I even realized they arrived.

I haven’t given up and may try protecting some branches of cherries with socks sown from some type of bug cloth, etc. or possibly spraying which I’ve avoided so far since I’m in a tiny (sub)urban lot.

I mention this since these cherries are often suggested as a no worry fruit and for the most part that is what they’ve been for me. But depending on the pests in your area, you may need to be ready to spray regularly if you want any fruit. Maybe you already do so it isn’t a worry for you, but I thought I’d mention it.


@subdood_ky_z6b I checked the Rural King in Maysville - it’s only about 15 minutes from my house :slight_smile: They had plenty of trees, but I didn’t see the dwarf cherries. Looks like Ashland is a bit far… but I had to try! Thanks!

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Wow, and I thought you guys were way up in far NKy. Sorry you were unsuccessful in your quest. Well, at least you got to visit Maysville, and you know, Rural King. I’ve been in that store before, too. Picked up some stuff last year for my yet to be built raspberry trellis. They’re not big enough yet to string up, I’m just trying to get them through the winter. That store is further from us than the Ashland store.

Are you guys about to get settled in? Thankfully it’s starting to get a little bit warmer every day, but winter’s still not giving up just yet. You’re probably not complaining about lows in the 30s, though. I got the tractor out this week finally, and did some bush hogging of some brushy areas around the farm, looking better already, but still lots to do.

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@subdood_ky_z6b - yes we are getting settled in. I picked up a Honeycrisp whip at RK to say I planted something! This weekend we are going to try to get some manure out of the barn to see if it’s broke down enough to till in a garden. Things are coming together. The weather here is FANTASTIC compared to where I came from :wink:.

I saw Romeo cherries at Hirts - I might order one from there to say I have one. They had two varieties, but by the time I got here, they were down to one. I got some really nice ones from Spring Hill a few years back, but I’m too cheap to order them at full price LOL! Waiting on a code…


That is so helpful.

That must have been one of those $13 bare root trees they have inside the store, along with Red and Golden Del, Jonathan, Redhaven peach and Blue Damson plum. Those are tempting but I had to say no. I have three potted apple trees I have to find a place for this spring, and my three new bench grafts I did a couple weeks ago will need to be potted up.

We have a lot of that in our barn from a horse that spent a lot of time in there. Still haven’t used it, I imagine it’s sufficiently broke down since the horse hasn’t been in there over three years. Haven’t plowed gardens yet, it’s still a bit early for that, we probably won’t plant out stuff until mid or late May. Our neighbors plowed their fields this week.

Yes, going to be a nice weekend, although it’s supposed to rain some tomorrow. I hope to get out and do some work, too.

Saw your pic of your place on the other thread. I think y’all and your critters will really like it here. Things are pretty brown here now, but just wait a couple more months and it will really green up. Our lawn is starting to grow up some, but most the trees are still quiet.