Help me I.D a green plum

My next door neighbor bought two plum trees about eight years from home depot.She cannot remember the variety, but what she does remembers is that the tags had a red plum picture. The following year they produced fruit, one came true to type, red. And the other one ripens yellowish green. A few of them have a slight red blush. The flesh is yellow amber, very juicy and sweet. It ripens around July.

I want to know what kind of plum it is because I’m planning to cross it with my chocolate jewel plum. I want to make sure it is not patented.

Wow…I wouldn’t know. I do know that the only yellow/green plum they sell now is simply called Gold. Who knows what they may have offered 8 years ago, but I’ve noticed the big boxes stay somewhat the same…or they used to. They are branching out now with more modern varieties like Honeycrisp, Zestar and pluots and stuff.

If the tag was wrong (obviously it was) it came from a nursery who may have sold lots of yellow/green plums, just not to Lowe’s (on purpose that is).

Weatherman…is it even an issue if you are just crossing it? Does that violate the patent (if there is one)?

I for one wouldn’t care a hoot about any patent if I were just merely crossing them.

I guess size and shape of the fruit may be helpful as well as whether it was freestone or not etc.

Hopefully someone will come by that bought one similar around the same time.

Maybe fruitnut will know.

I would have no issues using pollen from a patented tree. The pollen isn’t patent protected and neither is the fruit ie seeds. If you plant a seed from a patented tree the tree that results is yours. At least that’s my take for what little it’s worth.

Agree w/ fruitnut. Plant patents only protect the variety from asexual reproduction. Seeds and pollen are free to use.

Sometimes utility patents are used for plants, as in the case of GMO’s, but you wouldn’t have to worry about that with your neighbor’s trees.

Even if the patent has already expired, I want to keep a good record of what plum lines I will be integrating into my hybrids.

Ha! That reminds me of a Macintosh tree I bought from Home Depot. By the time it bore fruit had magically transformed into a Red Delicious.
i don’t suppose you could provide some pictures of the plums? That might help in trying to identity them. There are lots of red plums with yellow flesh and a few I know of that are greenish yellow. Good luck.

I will be posting pics once the plums ripened.