Help me ID this fruit from Costa Rica

Got this as a gift from Costa Rica, not really sure what it is or how to know when its ripe to eat. Looks like a Guanabana (soursop) but I’m not sure.


Looks like a Dragon egg.


Looks like soursop to me
The best ones I have eaten are lite green in color, very soft and aromatic.
And eaten not far from where they were picked, ( local markets in
C. America )
Like the pawpaw , these do not travel well. Hard to find a good one this far north.
This looks like it was picked to soon and traveled too long.
I am not an expert on these, but have eaten many.
May also just be a dragon egg ?
When you “crack” it open,let use know what you find

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Yes, it is a dragons egg
Place it in the fire. :laughing::wink: ever see game of thrones?


it is guanabana :slight_smile:

why don’t i have friends from central/so america ?? Makes me want to open a facebook account and ‘friend’ as many as i could, in the hopes of… lol


I have several sour sops here that I started from seed ~ 2yrs ago.
Keeping as " house plants"
Here is a pic of my best 2yr old.
Others smaller.
Putting them out in the summer back in winter
Looks like it is happy in a pot inside .
Will up pot soon and let a few grow in to small tree house plants.?
Does anyone else here have soursop house plants ?
How do they do ?
I have not fruited any this far north.

So you may want ( ?) to save seed from the dragon egg ?
Don’t let them dry out, suck the pulp off and plant, keep warm, dragons like it warm

Or maybe keep the whole “egg” tucked in your arm pit until it hatches ?


for some reason your pictures are not showing up in full. The only one visible was showing just the upper third of one of your seedlings. Anyway, guanabana can start fruiting at ~3 years of age, but of course am referring to growing them in the tropics. They need to develop sturdy branching where relatively large flowers bud out from. They will be fine in partly shaded conditions in the tropics, but likely to need plenty sun if grown in temperate regions(i see you’re in w. virginia) where growing seasons are too short.

guanabana is a much larger tree(with larger fruit) than its more precocious cousin, the sugar apple. I suppose you’re growing sugar apples too? You’ll have better chances getting sugar apples to fruit as sugar apple trees can start fruiting at 2 years of age, and at ~5 feet tall.

keep us posted!

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3yrs that’s pretty quick from seed. Good to know.
No sugar apples here
I do have a few cherimoya ~2yr old

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temperature-wise you’d probably have better luck with cherimoya since it seems to tolerate cold weather than either sugar apples and guanabana.
ime, cherimoya does not grow as fast as guanabana, and takes longer to fruit for some reason. Literature indicates it will need a pollinator. Sugar apples and guanabana were not too fussy and seemed to be self-fertile

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So I just tried it. Based on what you guys said and the photos I found online I think it was over-ripe by now.

It was mildly sweet and had a light tropical flavor. The texture kind of reminded me of a jackfruit; slippery and “fleshy”. My wife who refused to try it said it looked like raw chicken, LOL. It would probably be a lot better if eaten more fresh.

Saved a dozen seeds, if anyone wants some feel free to send me a PM


seems like the skin suffered freezer-burn in transit. Aything less than 45F quickly affects skin color.

totally understandable if you didn’t like it much, considering the compromised condition it was in on arrival.

the best guanabanas have a good balance of sweet and sour, and to my taste, is best when eaten at the not-so-juicy stage, when the flesh is more cottony than slippery/soppy.

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Oh yeah, for being in the state it was I’m surprised it was remotely edible. Any kind of fruit that I try that had to be shipped long distances I always expect to taste twice as good if eaten locally and at the right time.

it turns out that graviola and guanabana is the same fruit. I spent 8 months in brazil and recognized it. It makes the best ice cream.

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Love the guanabana juice sold by JUMEX.

May I please have scion from your money tree?

@ mrsg47
(“May I please have scion from your money tree?”)

Scion ?

I do have these seed available .
$5.00 shipping

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OMG. So funny! Thanks!!! I’ll take 100!